Chords Scales And Positions

You will learn chords scales and positions.

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Use a metronome with all exercises, and use a clean tone. If at anytime your hands or forearms cramp up or hurt, STOP shake out your hands and arms, then try to relax and start again, if you continue playing with the pain, you will probably develop tendonitis or a similar problem.
play up to the 12th fret then back down use alternate picking (down, up, down, up etc) or hammer ons and pull offs

use your 2nd and 3rd fingers, start up at the fifth fret if this feels uncomfortable.
play on rest of strings, then go back down When the next note lies right below roll your finger, don't lift your finger off the string but always make sure to mute the first note.
Ascending 3rds (key of Gmajor)
1st position
then descend (use in every key)

2nd position


--------------|then descend

3rd position


------------------| then descend

4th position


------------------------| then descend

5th position


Gmajor scale ascending in fours (pattern) This is a good way to connect scales, you can incorporate slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs.


---------------------------| then descend
---------------------------| do this for all 5 positions
Gmajor scale in 4ths (intervals)

-----------|then descend
-----------| do this for all 5 positions
Here's a cool little (interval) 4th pattern, sounds good when you play it fast. The first two notes (4th interval) go forward, the next two go backward.
here's a strange little lick that I came up with
Arpeggios Major Keep playing this up to the 12th fret then descend down. Try using sweep picking as well as alternate picking, it's good for your right hand dexterity.



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    does this increse the speed on your hand thats on the right(i play left hand)?
    Awesome lesson. Ive seen the little 1234 down and up before but hated them and could never bring myself to practice them the tripplets (i believe thats what they are) are fun and increase playing ability, i love it. Thanks a ton for taking the time to write and tab all this out and pay no attention to the idiots who take people like yourself for granted.
    folks, these are just exercises made to develop the speed of your left in changing positions and at the same time adding speed and accuracy your right hand picking... the notes in these exercises are not just random, they are from scales.. if you don't believe me, check the majot scales and pentatonic scales(major and minor)
    don't really care what anybody else thinks... I want to sound good and guitar eventually and I really appreciate the simple excersies that even after three days are increasing my speed and accuracy, strengthening my fingers, and increasing my strech. someday I will play well thanks to simple lessons like these...
    One question... however stupid it might seem.. the 1-2-3-4 stuff.. is it the fret number or the finger number? (it's otherwise a great lesson, i'm just clueless)
    that is most certainly the fret number! "5" is not a fingered number! Fretting hand 1 - Index 2 - Middle Finger 3 - Ring Finger 4 - Pinky Picking Hand P- Thumb I- Index M- Middle Finger A- Ring However, this is certainly not a picking exercise. usually, if fretting position is indicated, you will see numbers above the notes (not on the tab itself).
    d3$!, i suggest you read up on how to play tablature, it will save you a lot of stress
    i think this is along the lines of the first guitar lesson i ever had. so its a total blast from the past. i love playin these little licks, gets the juices pumpin and the fingers warmed up. however, i do think you should have made reference to minor and major pentatonics. they are a the key part in just about every scale & solo..... well ever. so for all you beginners, check out pentatonic scales. 5 corasponding notes that can be played in pretty much any pattern up and down the entire neck. also if you really suck that bad at ringer placement, READ UP ON IT. thanx thats all i have to see
    its great for warm up, but its titled 'Chords Scales And Positions' but he mostly only explains how to play the licks. 3 outa 5
    Oh!!, i forgot... could some one explain that "(Catapillar) When the next note lies right below roll your finger, don't lift your finger off the string but always make sure to mute the first note." I dont understand that one
    hei,i'm a beginner or a novice i should to look at the scales?all i can see are six dashing lines and numbers on u please explain to a kid in simple words?how to look at the numbers anywawy?
    i"m a to look at the numbers anyway?i know that the six dashing lines are the six strings right...
    I'm starting to understand this tab stuff more with each read but... When it goes 1-2-3-4 I get that but 5-6-7-8??? (just move your hand down I guess?) Wait forget it... the numbers are the frets not ur fingers :S
    Been playing for a couple years, but I never learned the fundamentals. This really helped, thank ye kindly.
    ahhh wussy you gotta play through the pain dont stop and shake your hand..
    Thanks. This helped. I wrote down your riff examples and gonna get some ideas out of them. Hope you don't mind. I'm into PanterA, Arch Enemy, and Bullet For My Valentine kinda music.I'm always stuck on my own riff ideas so.
    Just don't give up. Play things very very slowly but perfectly accurate then build the speed in to it. Once you can do something on your fretting hand without thinking repeat that over and over while looking ONLY at your right hand to get your coordination right.
    Tom_Dowler wrote: good lesson dude but i have such a short attention span and i've been playin 2 years now, when will i ever learn :'(
    The top line is the smallest string the bottom is the biggest. The smallest string is called the high e and the biggest is called the Low E. from the smallest to the biggest is e B G D A E or 1 2 3 4 5 6. To remember it use this "Ever Beautiful Girl Dances All Evening." The numbers are the frets. place your finger just beside the fret on the side nearest the head of the guitar. Place your thumb flat beneath the next at approx the position of your ring finger. Hows that for a flash bang lesson on guitar playing.
    zimmer429 wrote: i dont understand this. Can anyone help?
    Chex: why the *** do u have to pick upwards and downwards? it just complicates everything and makes it 100 times harder
    You can pick a lot faster that way. Takes a lot of practice (especially if you've been picking just one way) but it's a lot better in the long run. Good article, by the way, and thanks iamrulian.
    This is confusing, why make such a big jump between the lines that represent the strings?
    im just learning to to play the guitar and there is a part on this that confuses me. the very first excercise says 1-2-3-4-5 and you go up and down. but it says go up to the 12th fret? im just learning so can someone explain?
    too ez, hard to read, at first i though it was a lesson on how to read crappy tabs!
    So what, are these all the scales that musicians are telling me to learn, what's the meaning of them. If there's no meaning I just made some scales of my own.
    my advice to the writers of these lessons is ignore the idiots that shouldnt have a guitar.. imao..they can figure a computer out but they cant figure out basic some profesional lessons and stop hackin on the people tryin to help those with a i.q
    good lesson dude but i have such a short attention span and i've been playin 2 years now, when will i ever learn :'(
    hm..... im a beginner playing the guitar and im trying to teach myself a little bit but frm these tabs im not able to learn it cuz it doesnt say what fingers to use for what tab etc.. i guess u know what i mean... so it would be better for beginners to say how i have to change my fingers to switch the fret etc...
    All idiots who says the tabs display incorrectly: Click the "print this page" link, and you'll get it perfectly! ... Great lesson! Keep up with the good work! Joachim, Norway
    Chatbeauty, The problem is that there isnt always a set way to play stuff. Different people use different fingers to play different notes. Just go throught it slowly at first and see what you find most comfortable and then sped it up.
    why the *** do u have to pick upwards and downwards? it just complicates everything and makes it 100 times harder
    This is pretty good, too bad the tabs got f**ked up though!
    this is like a speed and precision developer i guess. i think it helps. there are other ass wipes out there who dont appriciate the help tho
    these exersies helped me out...ive only been playin for a month so im not that good but i can play some stuff so thanks whoever wrote this
    i think this is a great lesson to improve speed and coordination. I used some of these scales before i even read this lesson. some of them are good to learn how to shred.
    You guys, chil. Firstly, this man has made this lesson voluntarily. He's put alot of effort into it and you're swearing at him and telling him he sucks. You're the one who sucks. How much was he payed for this lesson? I'll tell you, jacksh!t. Have some respect you guys. Also, if you can't read the tab, it's because the text has been squashed into a small space. Copy the tab into notepad and it'll come out fine. It's not the man's fault it came out wrong, it's the way the site was made. I think this tutorial is great. You can really get some speed into your technique by this stuff. I'm really practicing them. I'm playing these things more than songs now. I think you should definetely try it. The tabs aren't ***ed up, copy them into notepad guys, it's worth it.