Chromatic Warm-Up

These are a few helpful finger exercises. It will create a complex muscle memory on your fingers as well as develope more dexterity in it.

Ultimate Guitar
This is an angular lick to develop finger dexterity. Try this with the speed you're accurate at start off slow.
Key = chromatic

66 bpm

E |------------------------------3---1|4---2-------------------------------|
B |----------------------------4---2--|--3---1-----------------------------|
G |---------------------3---1---------|---------4---2----------------------|
D |------------3---1--4---2-----------|-----------3---1--4---2-------------|
A |---3---1--4---2--------------------|--------------------3---1--4---2----|
E |-4---2-----------------------------|-----------------------------3---1--|
Arpeggios You start off with A major, C Major, E major, C# Major, G major, B Major, and F# major... Start off slow then blast it all again...
Key = A
66 bpm

E |--------------5-9-----------|-------------------17-22-----------------|
B |------------5-----5---------|----------------17-------17--------------|
G |----------6---------6-------|-------------18-------------18-----------|
D |--------7-------------7-----|----------19-------------------18--------|
A |------7-----------------7---|-------19-------------------------19-----|
E |-5-10---------------------5-|-17-22-------------------------------17--|

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    ignore every1...that lesson is know you do actually have to persevere with thing crap but by going through that excersise for about 30mins every day for the last few weeks my fretting hand has really improved in speed and accuracy
    Wassup? This kinda goes along with the lesson. I was messing around earlier and stumbled on a sweet warm-up lick! It's a modified chromatic scale with some alternate picking that really helps your overall speed and acuracy. [code]E-0-2-1----- B-----0-4-3----- G-----0-2-1--- -- D-----0-4-3----- A-----0-2-1----- E-----0-4-3-[/code] Do n't hammer on or pull off, it doesn't give uyou the full benefits if you dont pick each note cleanly. And don't start out fast, make sure you are doing it right, not quickly.
    with teaching myself i am in a slump thanx so much for this peace and be well
    Oh how I love warm up exercises. Thamks for posting this, and ignore what anybody else has to say about your method of teaching, because it seriously is really good.
    It's interesting that nobody realized that the B & G strings on the end of the first measure and beginning of the second measure aren't complete. This is a great exercise, just need to complete it. But, thanks for placing it here! ;