Cool Licks 2: Highlighting Chord Tones In E Major

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Cool Licks 2: Highlighting Chord Tones In E Major
This lick is a line I made up to fit over a progression of E - A - E - E (one measure for each chord listed). Without going too much into the theory here, what I will say is that it highlights the chord tones over each chord, which is what makes most guitar licks or riffs sound appealing to our ears. Check out the video below, and the tablature directly underneath. The picking pattern is not discussed in the video - if you need help with that, check out the symbols above the tablature to figure out how to use the recommended picking pattern. The backing track can be downloaded from my website listed below under the 'Free Resources' section. Try practicing the lick over this backing track if you can get it up to speed, or if you're in the mood to improvise, use the key of E major to make up your own licks.
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