Correct 'True' Drop Tuning

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Correct 'True' Drop Tuning
I'm going to assume you already know the number of each string if not then, bottom string to top string is 1-6. And before we get into this lesson, I will also explain "true" drop tuning. It's really simple but I'm surprised how many people don't know it. For example, most people think that "Drop C" is CGCFAD, which really isn't true.

"True" drop tuning is dropping ONLY the low E string while the rest of the string remain the same. CGCFAD is actually Drop D down one step which is the low E string dropped to C and the rest dropped one step. But I think the masses of guitar players would say "Drop C" sounds cooler than "Drop D Down 1 Step." "True" Drop C tuning sounds a little weird so they use CGCFAD because the pitches match, so CGCFAD has become sort of the standard term for "Drop C" So yeah, "true" drop tuning is really dropping ONLY the low E string. Okay so enough of that, to the lesson.

1. Drop D (DADGBe)

My favorite tuning to play in and is one of the simplest. It sounds great and almost every rock band has used it. You just drop the low E (6) string down one step to D.
For Drop D tuning most standard strings that come on a guitar will work.

2. Drop C (CADGBe, or CGCFAD)

Used mostly in metalcore/post-hardcore, "true" Drop C is still pretty simple but the most commonly used version is a little more tricky. What you do is set your guitar into Drop D then drop all the strings down one step.

For "true" Drop C: For the widely used Drop C:
1-e 1-D 
2-B 2-A
3-G 3-F
4-D 4-C
5-A 5-G
6-C 6-C
For Drop C I recommend using a heavier gauge of strings, .010-.052 (if you mainly only use the top three strings) or .012-.052.

3. Drop B (BADGBe, or, B F# B E G# C#)

Again this is used a lot by metalcore/post-hardcore bands. This one is a little difficult. Set your guitar into Drop D then drop each string 1 1/2 steps down.

For "true" Drop B: for the more commonly used Drop B:
1-e 1-C#
2-B 2-G#
3-G 3-E
4-D 4-B
5-A 5-F#
6-B 6-B
For Drop B definitely use .012-.052.

4. Drop A (AADGBE or, A# F A# D# G# C)

I won't cover this one because I don't recommend doing this if you have a 6-string as it's usually played on a 7-string. Using Drop A on a six string is a little extreme and could harm your guitar. (Sorry, I just don't want you blaming me if your strings snap or guitar is damaged trying to do this).

For Drop C and B, you may have to adjust your guitars intonation, and adjust the truss rod.

Well thank you for viewing my lesson, I hoped this thoroughly explained the difference between "true" dropped tuning and what the majority of players accept and use.
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