Find a Note Anywhere on the Neck Easily

A method of finding notes all over the neck quickly and easily.

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A method of finding notes all over the neck quickly and easily.

[See image below.]

Step 1 - Over 7, Up 1
Step 2 - Back 5, Up 1
Step 3 - Over 7, Up 1
Step 4 - Back 4, Up 1
Step 5 - Over 7, Up 1

*note specific numbers only really work in standard tunings*

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    Fair enough, I get it. Badly composed article though and I find that taking the time to know where the notes are is quicker, in the end.
    I get it! I never thought about learning it that way. For those who might not understand it, take for example the (E) note on the 6th string. Drop down to the next string (A) and go up 7 frets and you'll be on the E note. Do the same with the others according to the diagram, and you'll get it.
    It's confusing because of the wording. .you could say up 7 & down 1 instead of over 7 down 1 !..just use this as part of an aid like the octave shapes & BEAD & anything else so eventually one day you just will know where the notes all are whithout realising it
    I agree. It was confusing for me as well until I looked at a diagram of the fretboard and realized what it was. I think when it states "UP 1" you start from the high E string and work your way up. It should have stated "up 1/ 7 over or 5 or 4 over" when you start from the first string.
    My thought was to make it like you are looking at the guitar neck when you are holding it...the bottom string on the diagram is the low E
    The way I see it is the specific "note" doesn't matter - count the fret distance(7), then count the string change(1)- this results in a quick way to move a scale. Actual guitar neck position is variable. I found this tip helpful.