Fretting Hand Movements

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Fretting Hand Movements
I'm a left handed guitarist; I've always struggled with my fretting hand, trying to move smoothly and quickly along the neck. It brought to my attention, how in the hell can I improve in that area when I'm not playing guitar. I always been looking for ways to get my right hand to relax and work smoothly. Recently, I found that typing such as computer typing has similar movements that one would use along the neck of the guitar. Those of you that can type, kinda think of typing as hitting frets on the guitar, the movements are pretty damn close as far as spacing, moving from string to string. Also, I found that if you roll/tap your fingers on a table it helps as well. Since that might not make much sense, I'll explain: place your hand on a table, desk or whatever flat surface, arch your fingers as you would on a guitar then just start with your pinky, raise slightly and bring down, then move on with the next finger and next till you get to your index finger. Then head back the other way starting with your index finger. A few tips, remember to keep your fingers arched, and use a smooth quick motion. Start slow then speed up when you're comfortable. You'd be surprised how it would improve your speed and agility along the neck of the guitar. This is just a couple of things to practice with when you're not near a guitar, and I thought they would be a little helpful especially for those left handed guitarists out there.
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