Getting To Know Your 7 String

Even the internet has too few places for 7 string guitarists to exchange information. Here is just a lesson on how to get used to your seven string.

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Ok, so you just bought your first seven string guitar. You got your traditional 6 string but OOOH there is a Low B. Now, as a guitarist who is now incapable of playing a six string guitar, I want you to know now, that on a 7 string guitar, there is MORE than just the Low B. You're gonna bounce off that B string more than a 4 year old on a trampoline. I call it Seventh String Syndrome How do you play it? I can't play 7 stringsIf you can play more than 2 strings on a guitar you're good to go. If you really think about it, the 7 string guitar has only 5 more frets on it. They're just notes dude- Buzz McGrath of Unearth. Well, lets start with your six string chromatic warmupadd the Low B!!
And so on. But I get ityou wanna have some fun rather than doing the same boring chromatic warm-ups. Here's a fun one to go vertical down with on the fretboard. Jeff Loomis uses this one and I've used it ever since he showed it.
It's a continuous rhythm so once you get it down go up and down the fretboard. If you can call out the note names as you do it you are way farther along thanme. You can go on the internet and just adapt every warmup routine out there to a 7 string. Even the CAGED system works with the Low B. They just have the same shape as the E form major and minor chords. I call it BCAGED. Also, a good list of Bands to learn to get a feel for the 7; Anything by Korn(although their songs are ridiculously simplistic) The Demanufacture album by Fear Factory is good for building your knowledge of the Low B. Unearth (if you REALLY wanna learn how to play...lawlz) Trivium's album Shogun. Meshuggah's albums Destroy Erase Improve and Chaosphere (if you can learn a Meshuggah song all the way throughpropsbecause I cant do it) While you build your knowledge of using the 7 string, do NOT turn away 6 string guitar resources because as I said in the beginning of this article, too many 7 string guitarists come to rely on the Low B too much and forget there are another 6 strings to work with. Any questions comments concerns just drop me a message or email.

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    Well that wasnt much of a lesson. Play chromatics, heres a lick. Heres a couple bands. Done. You owe me 3 minutes of my life back.
    7 string is just same 6 with 7th string B means its the same as 2nd string B. If you tune it in a or other just count notes starting from A or your custom note. Its same guitar and same music rules as on other guitars and not only guitars
    If you can't handle a 7-string, just put thicker gauge stringe on your guitar and intonate it in BEADF#b
    to the person who wrote this article. the benefit of a 7 string guitar is how it gives a player four complete octaves on the guitar. i imagine you're unable to the bass clef and are unable to comprehend the importance of this concept. consider raising your level of knowledge before writing such an ignorant article.