Guitar Tunings

Do you want to know how to tune your guitar? Do you wanna know what is Drop D tuning? Do you wanna know hows tuned Slipknots guitars? Read this lesson now!

Ultimate Guitar
From Low To High
Standard: E A D G B E 
Drop D:  D A D G B E 
Drop D:  D A D G B D 
Fourths:  E A D G C F 
Lute:  E A D F# B E 
Half-Step Down: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb 
Full-Step Down: D G C F A D 
Open:  D D A D F# A D 
Big City:  D A D F# A A 
D Wahine:  D A D F# B D 
D Minor:  D A D F A D 
D Modal:  D A D D A D 
G 6:  D G D G B E 
Open:  G D G D G B D 
G Minor:  D G D G Bb D 
Open C:  C G C G C E 
C 6:   C G C G A E 
Baritone:  B E A D F# B 
Baritone:  A D G C E A 
Old Spanish:  D G D G A E 
Lute:   E A D F# A E 
D Modal:  D A D G A D 
Open:  E E B E A B E 
Bron Y Aur:  C A C G C E 
Parvardigar:  C G C G C D 
Bruce Palmer 
Modal:  E B E E B E 
New Standard:  C G D A E G 
Low C: C G D G A D 
Shifted:  E E G# C# F# B E 
Dropped:  C C G C F A D 
Slipknot:  B F# B E G# C#

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    How do you get them bro, like do u know how....steps or like tune string E to 6th A string.....u, no!!!
    CtrlAltDel wrote: forgot a tuning dashboard confessional tuning Db Ab Db Db Db Db and Db Ab Db Fb Db Db There's no such thing as Fb, the note doesn't exist.
    umm.. yes there is.. its not used all that often, but Fb is the same thing as E.. lol
    another very important tuning In Flames - Dropped D and 4 half steps down A# F A# D# G C
    some more cool tunings are Temptation: Db, Gb, Db, Gb, Gb, Db Temptation guitar 2: E B E G B E Boots or hearts: E G D G B E Iris: D D D D D B Black Balloon: Db Ab Db Ab Db Db or D A D A D D (Live) Slide: E A D G B E The Goo Goo Dolls, Tea Party and Pearl jam all use sweet tunings. Tragically Hip also has some sweet ones.
    im a newb i know but can ne one tell me what "Drop C + rest 1 step down" means? would that be Low C: C G D G A D then another step down? i have no idea what that would even be :/
    AcousticSound : some more cool tunings are Temptation: Db, Gb, Db, Gb, Gb, Db Temptation guitar 2: E B E G B E Boots or hearts: E G D G B E Iris: D D D D D B Black Balloon: Db Ab Db Ab Db Db or D A D A D D (Live) Slide: E A D G B E The Goo Goo Dolls, Tea Party and Pearl jam all use sweet tunings. Tragically Hip also has some sweet ones. ok thanks for the itris tuning bor but like how do u tune them cuz its inda hard when u see that most of them are ds
    drop d = hold down 7th fret on 6th string, play, play 5th string open, tune to sound the same
    i go on 12th fret 6th string and make it lower til 12th fret 6th string and open fourth string sound the same.
    Can someone PLZ Email me how to do these tunings by tabbing them out? And PLZ Plz explain in layman's terms the pattern related to all these tunings. Like how would I do relative tuning for all of these...what's the secret and what's the pattern? Does it require learning all the notes on the NECK? I'm so confused. Plz help! Email is :
    yeah right! but how do i know how it exactly sounds... help peolpe... im also confused and perplexed to knw that there are lots of tunings... I AM STILL A BEGINNER... PLEASE HELP ME IMPROVE MY SKILLS... THANK YOU! Here's my email ad: THANKS SO VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS!
    seriously everyone, learn the names of notes! its really not that hard, and its totally worth it. i know how to, and i'm 15! i've been playing for less than 2 years, and i've never had lessons, alright? So trust me, its not hard! The lowest sounding string of the guitar in normal tuning is E (6th string). The notes starting with the open string, then continuing up are: E(open string)F(1st fret)F#/Gb(2nd fret)G(3rd)G#/Ab(4th)A(5th)A#/Bb(6th)B(7th)C(8th)C#/Db(9th)D (10th)D#/Eb(11th)E(12th, the harmonic).This is known as the chromatic scale, and it keeps continuing like that until there are no more frets. then, the second lowest string played open is A (5th string), so starting with the open string and continuing up: A A#/Bb B C C#... and keeps continuing until there are no more frets. The next string open is D(4th string), so it goes: D D#/Eb E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab... and once again keeps continuing. The next string played open is G(3rd), and goes: G G#/Ab A A#/Bb B C C#/Db, etc, etc. The 2nd string open is B, it goes: B C C#/Db D D#/Eb E F F#, etc. The last string, the smallest, is once again E(1st string): E F F#.Gb G, etc. Now that you know all of that, you can tune open strings to notes fretted on other strings. i really hope this is easy enough to understand.
    thanx man but how do u get to a dropped c i think it goes c f or something like that if u can send me the tuning...thanx
    ok i get hte slpiknot tuningg and its easy but im still looking for that goo goo dolls tuning can any1 te me how it is and ill tune it my self plz!!
    Hey how can you tell after tuning that you have droppedit to D, and how do you actually do it? Could someone that knows please private message me or e-mail me back. It would be loads of help! Thanks and Cya.
    The Anarchist
    I've tried tuning my guitar from Drop B to A, but then my 6th string sounds like the opening bassline from "Blew" by Nirvana. Do I need thicker strings, or does this only work on a Baritone?
    i want to play iris. someone tell me how to tune my guitar into DBBBBB, because i dont have a tuner,and its ridiculous
    DOES ANY ONE KNOW TUNING??? I know that standard on a bass tuner iz no flats (E,A,D,G) and five flats are low B (B,E,A,D) and I know that two flats are (D,-,-,-,) or somthin but what are 1,3,and4 flats called PLEEZ SOMEONE TELL ME!!!If u can THNX!!!
    B F# B E A# C... if anyone wants a seriously heavy tuning to mess around wiht... try this tuning.. its similar to slipknot but unique in its entirety... all you need is some double bass and a progression from this tuning and you'll be kickin asses... LATERR
    Flesh Gear 101
    I havent been playin acoustic guitar for very long and ive found a song thats srop C tuning and im wonderin if its possible for an acoustic to be able to play at Drop C tuning. If youve got an answer can you send me an e-mail at Id appreciate it thanks.
    Ok, Ive seen people ask the same questions over and again even after a response was given. Maybe that they dont understand.. I skimmed, so Ill give an easy answer for one of them Ok, DROP C... tune your 5th string to the 3rd fret of your 6th string.. then 4th string to 5th fret on 5th string, etc and so on with the remaining top strings. That will get you to EGCFAD... and then from there just tune your 6th string down to C, and if you cant figure out the rest, I get it from that point by matching the 12th fret on my last string to my 4th.. but Im sure there are other ways to do it. --Jenni
    Gabriel Undead
    you know until you guys learn to tune by ear you could always go buy a cromatic tuner(i donnu if i spelled that right) there only $35-40 and they make tuning to stuff like drop c and Slipknots tuning a lot easier
    I want to know how to tune my guitar to C# F# B E G# C#, my guitar is in drop c at the moment. Any one know any sites with the sounds i need so i can tune my guitar? Email me at please. Thanks in advance.
    Slipknot know how to make awesome noise... has any of them ever heard of a thing called music?
    UnEarth5318 wrote: Well Im not really a noob, but i just got a chromatic tuner...i taught myself everyitng i know so im kinda lost....i can tune to C, D and E and !/2 Step down ffrom E...but my chromatic tuner of course reads semi-tones (Eb db blah blah blah... im wanting to tune my guitar to Drop B (B F# B E G# C#) Ive never tuned it that far down cuz i usually stik with Metallica, Tool, Blah blah blah. So if someone culd mail me or post bak on here the chart for what semi-tones equal # (minors i gess) the only one i know is Gb=F#. Ur help wuld be much appreciated. emai lis
    Bb=A# Cb=B# Db=C# Eb=D# F b=E# Gb=F# Ab=G# All of you people just need to learn some music theory, then you'll get all of this better
    rock_metal_fan wrote: can any1 tell me how to tune the slipknot tuning without a tuner!!
    unless you have really really good ears then i dont think that would be possible...because you cant get that deep of a sound for the Low 'E' on any other a Tuner's your best bet.
    now i understand how the slipknot tuning is and its easy but im still looking for one tuning its from the song Iris by goo goo dolls does any1 know how that tuning is??and how to tune it
    can anyone tell me how to tune to this because i am completely lost Step Down in drop-d CGCFAD my e-mail is thanks
    wow. you people dont get it. how many times is someone gonna ask "how do dah dah dah you drop D dah dah dah" and how many times does someone give an answer? its simple people: get a tuner or do it by ear by holding the 6th string (E) at the 7th fret to get it to sound the same as the 5th sting (A). the end result, if done correctly will result in 6th string tuned to D... thank you! any futher tuning questions will be answered if youd like to contact me. i dont know how to do many things right, by i do know how to tune a guitar. its trial and error people! dont be afraid to break a string
    Connected to this Paper guy^... on the 6th string, do the harmonic thing on the 12 fret, it should sound like the 4th sting (open string) it is one more way to do the drop D thing... and his right, don't be afraid of breaking your string!
    The Slipknot tuning could also be called Drop B. Just tune to drop C and tune everything down a halfstep
    ok. if you want tune drop d this is the easiest way to do it. get a guitar tuner, then hit the b button twice which will be a full step. then tune your E string down until it says E again it. this is how i tune drop d.
    I'm trying to learn a Pearl Jam song, "Oceans" but i need to tune my guitar to DADF#AD. Can somebody help with this? or email me.