Harmonics Lesson - Super Mario Coin Sound Effect

Learn how to use harmonics to play this legendary sound effect.

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In this lesson I am going to be teaching you how to use natural harmonics to play the "Coin" sound effect, most commonly found in the Super Mario Bros games.

About the sound effect:

The effect is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn the basics of natural harmonics. It may not be the most challenging thing to play, but it give you a good idea on how to cleanly play multiple harmonics in quick succession.

Key info about the lesson:

  • Tuning: E standard
  • Techniques covered: Natural Harmonics
To learn how to play the sound effect, please check out the video lesson below:

YouTube preview picture

To finish, thanks for checking out my lesson. I hope it has been some use to you. If you have find any errors or want to ask any questions please leave a comment on this lesson or in the video.

By Dan Cole

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    " Hi, I'm Dan. This is me playing guitar, and on here, i'm playing guitar too, and here too, and oh I forgot ! I play guitar too. Oh yeah, sure, play the harmonics on the 5th fret : String G and then B"
    Doesn't even tell us how to play a natural harmonic. I suppose total beginners should just know this?