How To Become A Well Rounded Musician

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How To Become A Well Rounded Musician
How to become a well rounded musician. That is the question I asked myself. Overtime I realized that you have to find what you like, and expand your point of view. Don't only listen to metal or rock. There are a lot of music genres from blues to jazz to heavy metal. Listening to only one genre makes you a not well rounded musician.
  • Step 1 What do YOU like? Don't listen to music to just be like someone else. Find at least 8 Artist you freaking love! They don't even have to be artist, they can also be composers or bands. Don't continue unless you've found em. You can only pick 2 songs per 1 genre of music. Here's my musical inspirations:
    Black Sabbath (Metal)
    System Of A Down (Metal)
    Cream (Blues)
    Santana (Freaking Latin Blues)
    Immortal Technique (Yes this is RAP, if you actually listen to the whole song you will love it)
    Jedi Mind Tricks (Rap is more about lyrics, just listen to the whole song, gives you new perspectives)
    Tenacious D (Rock)
    Note: you might not like those artists and that's okay. I for an example despise shredding, I just think it sucks.
  • Step 2 So why did I want you to list out your favorite artists? Now you know what you like and you will mostly build your music around that. Learn everything that your favorite musicians use and do. Maybe some of them have an exotic scale you like, learn it! Do they bend in an interesting way? Learn it! You want your songs to be versatile. By listening to lots of different genres and artists, you will do that. It's 50% what you come up with and 50% what you've listened to in the past that makes your songs.
  • Step 3 I know it's hard to find what you like, if you really don't find anything you like. You must invent it yourself. You can only come up with the music you like. Just listen to as many genres of music as you can and pick out your favorites. I wanted this lesson to be more about music than theory. (I hate theory but its important).
  • Things To Take From This Lesson
  • It is okay to listen to different music (Most people in my class listen to "You know Who - Baby") Listen to what you like and don't let anyone say otherwise. They don't like it? Not your problem.
  • Listen to many genres of music.
  • Take everything you've learned from those musicians and make it your own (may it be the way they bend or do vibrato, you can do it better.)
  • Only you can write the music you truly love. So stop thinking about writing songs, just get your guitar and do it (although you should get inspired first, it's hard to write out of the blue when not.)
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