How To Do Harsh Vocals: Scream, Growl, Squeal, Etc

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Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion, an expert at these vocal styles. I'm making this lesson to teach people that are new to it how to do the vocal styles correctly. If you don't agree with my methods, by all means, use your own. But don't post your lesson on how you'd do it as a comment. And if you have a negative opinion about how I do my vocals. Don't post it as a comment. PM me about it. Anyway Screaming There's no truly easy way to do this in my opinion without making your screams sound awful, so I'll explain this the only way I really know how. Listen to a band that screams, and imitate their vocalist. FOr me, I listened to Flyleaf's "So Sick", and imitated her at the "Break!" part. To get into detail, I'll say this. Begin by whispering "Aaaaaahhh". Now force out a lot of air, but not so much that you cannot sustain it. Close your throat as you do this. If the air you're forcing through your throat has the energy that it should, you will feel it between your throat and your chest. This will take quite a bit of practice and will hurt at first. When this happens, stop immediately and et something to drink. Honey will work wonders for this. When your throat feels COMPLETELY fine, only then should you try it again. Growling (Exhaling) This one's a bit easier, mainly because, without knowing it, everyone has growled at some point in their life. Okay, for this, my easy explanation would be to do what I said in the first paragraph of the screaming section, just make it lower. To get into detail, this is the easiest way I can explain it. Clear your throat. Do it like you've got some thick mucous in your throat you MUST get out. Okay, that rough feeling in your throat is exactly what you're going for. To do this without clearing your throat, think back to a time where you let out a heavy sigh, like right before you say, "Man, I hate that kid!". Now sigh, like that, but draw it out and close your throat more. It helps alot if you stand up while doing it. And force the air in and out of your stomach, not your chest. To do this, make a bulge in your stomach by inhaling. Now force it out by growling. It gives the growl alot more energy and allows you to hold it out longer. Growling (Inhaling) Well, this is actually the easiest way to growl, but unfortunately, it seems to be the hardest one to learn. But I'll try to help with that. There's no easy eplanation, sooooo To get into detail, follow these steps. 1. Get away from people. You will be laughed at if you are a beginner at this. Trust me, I know. 2. Completely close your your throat, but leave your mouth open in an O shape. 3. Try to breathe in. If you can, you're doing it wrong. 4. Open your throat just enough so that a really wierd, kinda stupid sounding rattle-like sound comes out. 5. Now breath in more air. This is the only way I know how to do it. I learned from the best people in my school and they all told me to do this, so I'm relaying this onformation to you. And if it hurts, you're doing it wrong and you need to stop. Inhaling should never hurt. Might tickle, but not hurt, not even slightly. Pig Squealing and Pterodactyl Screaming These are both relatively easy to do and follow generally the same method, so I grouped them together. To pig squeal, inhale growl, but higher. TIP: say "bree bree" while doing it. Pterodactyl screaming will take a bit more explaining, but it's still rather easy to do. Okay, form your mouth like you're about to say "E". Now close your throat extremely tight, but leave a VERY small hole for air to come in. Now inhale with a lot of energy. TIP: move your tongue close to the roof of your mouth as you do this. It should make it easier to close your airway. Also, these two tecniques are considered new and somewhat odd, and unlike screaming and growling, not everyone can do it. So don't tear up your throat trying if it wont work. Some final advice IF your throat hurts because you're doing exhales, that's okay. Just take a break until it doesen't hurt AT ALL. Then try it. If it starts to hurt, take a longer break. Inhales NEVER HURT. If they do, you're doing it wrong. Don't drink or smoke if you want to do these types of vocals for a long time. This will ruin your vocals. Try not to yell alot at sports, parties, shows, etc. If you do, take a break for a week or 2 before attempting the vocals again, for 2 reasons. 1. Your vocals will sound awful during that time period, and 2. You can damage your voice to the point of needing surgery if you try it too much. If your throat is hurting, drink honey or warm tea. DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL OR ANYTHING COLD. Also, if you're doing inhales, I've found that Cheeze-It's and Mountain Dew Voltage help. Maybe that's just me. --- Thank you for reading my lesson. Hopefully this will help you. Read the disclaimer at the top before leaving comments. And If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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