How to Get Your Strumming to Sound More Dynamic and Creative So You Can Express Yourself Better

Why is it important to work on your strumming patterns?

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How to Get Your Strumming to Sound More Dynamic and Creative So You Can Express Yourself Better

Why Is It Important To Work On Your Strumming Patterns?

Strumming your guitar is an important part of allowing you to convey the emotion of your music to your audience. Getting your strumming to sound good to help you sound so much more creative to you can impress other people more, provide more emotion so you can connect to your audience better and add a lot of variety to your music as well. You can be sure that using these techniques will make you sound a lot less amateur and a lot more professional as well.

Once you have mastered your guitar chords, you want to work on your strumming, so your guitar sounds awesome. Don’t let your strumming ability let down the amazing work you have so far in learning the chords!

Watch my video below to see the two techniques that will help you improve basic strumming, to getting it to sound much more melodic and exciting.

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Make sure you practise both these techniques to add more variety and make your guitar sound even more awesome!

Hope you enjoyed this video, let me know in the comments below what you think.

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Darryl Powis is a guitar school owner, instructor and teacher who helps students learn to play the guitar. His school gives Guitar Lessons In London.

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    Great video! Well prepared, simple and clear.  Lots of good ideas for beginners here. 
    Biggest problem I have with guitar teachers like you is that, you can't actually play.
    Did the author/instructor of this lesson perform/explain the material in this lesson effectively? I would say yes. 
    Hi Daniel! I tried to look for any thing to do with you (since you are obviously local to where I am) but I can't even find that you exist online as a player, or teacher.. 
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    Biggest problem I have with trolls like you is that, you try to tear down anything you don't like instead of putting your energy into building up things you do like. 
    Agreed. Why waste your time trying to tear others down. If you have a problem with someone's playing- don't listen to them. Its quite simple really. Do as Brad suggested, find things that you like and put your time and energy into that. 
    Omg that sounded so shit that I need to bleach my ears just to clean them! Might need to check your intonation too because it sounds like a dead rat.
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