How To Learn The Fretboard

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How To Learn The Fretboard
Hello, while learning guitar there is one thing that you will have to do somewhere along the line that you will not want to do, this thing is learning the fretboard. There are so many notes on the fretboard that you may not want to do this ever, but to truly KNOW how to play guitar, you will need to do it at some point. This article will discuss ways to help learn the notes of the fretboard and will include a chart showing all notes on the guitar.

First you will see the chart showing the frets below then further down you will find a short summary of how to tackle learning all of these notes. First the chart:

*e||F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |
 B||C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |  |A |  |B |
 G||  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |
 D||  |E |F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |
 A||  |B |C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |  |A |
 E||F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12
*The blank frets in between frets with letters on them are the sharp(#) of the note before it and the flat(b) of the note after it. (|F |f#/gb|E |) Next: If you observe the chart, you may notice two things. The first is that it stops at 12, this is because, the 12th fret shows the open notes of the string it's on which indicates that the whole chart repeats itself after 12. The second thing you may notice is that after some notes, there is no sharp note that follows it. When you think of it this way, the only thing you have to remember in order to learn the fretboard, is the following information: *EF G A BC D E Or in alphabetical order(starting with A): *A BC D EF G A *Where the spaces in between are the sharps/flats. If you can remember this information, then you should be able to learn the fretboard instantly. Just start the cycle with the open note of the string you're on, and work your way up. Or if you are above the 12th fret, do the same starting with the note of the 12th fret. Example: 7th fret, 2nd string? Open note on 2nd string is B, making the first fret C, and the seventh F#/Gb.

If you can learn all of the above information and review it while practicing guitar, you will find that you can name the notes quicker and quicker until eventually you will have memorized the fretboard.

Thank you, for reading. Written by: Neil Mack

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