How To Look Cool While Playing Guitar On Stage

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All I'm about to share with you comes from my experience. My fails and my performances. This is the post I would have wanted to see when I was starting out. I'm hoping to help all the people out there to look cooler and more confident on stage with guitar or bass.
  • Learn The Songs What do you mean learn the songs? I already know them. Learning the songs means that the songs you play, you can play with pure confidence and without worrying about missing a note or failing. Learning the songs means that you don't have to think about playing, the songs are in your fingers.
  • Steps To Learn The Songs: 01. Learn to play the song. 02. Learn to play the song Blind (not looking at guitar at all). 03. Learn to play the song while Moving. (So you won't be just standing in one spot on the stage) So all of this leads to... Confidence. When you are sure that you can play the songs in any condition, you aren't nervous how it sounds or looks like.
  • Body Positions Well, now that you've mastered the songs. What now? Do I just stand there in one spot and look down? Well, your first performance might go like that, well, mine did. I'm going to give you some things you can try right in front of the mirror. Go, GO! Get in front of a mirror.
  • Lower Your Guitar Get a strap. Don't continue unless you have a strap for your Guitar. OK, I think this is a pretty common thing that every guitar player should know. Lowering your guitar makes you look cooler, trust me. I always like to get some examples when I learn, so here you go. Slash (Just look how Cool it looks while it's low, although he's not moving)
    Daron Malakian (It's low. Also note the movement he can make whilst playing)
    Kirk, James (They have their guitar low, moving slightly)
    Those 3 are the perfect examples to learn from. So how low should I go? The lower you go the more uncomfortable it is for you to play, but the more cooler you look. I'd recommend to have the top of your guitar body near your belly button, this way it looks cool, also not too uncomfortable.
  • Spread Your Legs Man! There is nothing more to say than to spread your legs. You'll look like a nerd with your legs closed, just relax and have your legs apart from each other. This will make you look a lot cooler. NOTE: look at those links I gave you, the same rule applies there. They all have their legs spread.
  • Move Dude, It's Getting Boring Here. Now that you already look cool, what do you do? You move, if you can move while playing you will look like a freaking badass, trust me. So what does moving mean, you ask? Just go crazy, go along with the flow of the song. Some things to try out, Headbanging (not too hard), waving your guitar in the air, do everything you can not to stand in place, this will make you very cool. This also depends on what style of music you are playing, you don't headbang to blues. Or do you? Once again for examples go look at the videos of Daron Malakian and Kirk/James.
  • You Also Have An Audience Dude! Communicate with the audience, look random people in the eyes, sing along (or at least pretend you are singing), clap, do everything to get the crowd going. If there was no audience, why would you perform anyway? Also when you get nervous which you won't cause you have all the songs in your fingers, don't care about what others think, This is the biggest problem at first, but it will pass. I hope that my lesson helped you guys. Things To Take From This Lesson In Short - Learn the songs you perform blind and while moving. Gives you Confidence! - Wear guitar around the belly button area. - Spread your legs. - Move around the stage. - Look at the crowd, in peoples eyes, they are the ones you perform to! - Play around with your guitar (wave it, jump with it) do what you can.
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