How to Play 'Man of Constant Sorrow'

Beginner acoustic guitar lesson for "Man of Constant Sorrow."

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How to Play 'Man of Constant Sorrow'
In this lesson, we'll learn "Man of Constant Sorrow" made popular by The Soggy Bottom Boys.

For this lesson, we'll be using 3 chords: E, A2, and B. I'll be throwing in some extra things to add some quality to the song. The G bass note & a hammer on the E chord. Keep in mind you can play the song without these frills.

The song is in 4/4 time (4 beats per measure). The strum pattern will be broken up as follows:

D / D / DU / DU

The first 2 beats will be only down strums. The second two beats will be down and up strums. Emphasis will be added on the 2nd and 4th beats.

Alrighty, good luck, and I hope you enjoy!

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    Made popular by the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" which happens to feature a fake group by the name 'Soggy Bottom Boys'. The song was written by Dick Burnett in 1913, and was first popularized by The Stanley Brothers in the 1950's. The version we all know (from the movie) was recorded in 2000 by Dan Tyminski, as George Clooney only had around 3 weeks to prepare for the song (with the help of T Bone Burnett), which was nowhere near enough time for him to learn the song and get the chops to perform it.