How to Practice In Your Sleep

Learn how to play and improve at music while you're asleep.

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Many of us struggle with time management. We feel like we could improve so much faster if we could just figure out how to get a little bit more time out of every day in which to practice. While this is technically true, what if we could take that concept one step higher? What if we could practice for eight hours, not during the day, but at night? And what if that practice was completely unconscious, completely independent of our thoughts and directives?

It is entirely possible to learn how to use your dreams as a vehicle to further your progress on your instrument. Essentially, you can "trick" your brain into continuing to drill exercises mentally while you sleep, and when you wake up, you see noticeable gains on whatever it was that you were practicing.

To learn how to do this, have a look at the following video:

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By Kevin Goetz

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    I'd rather dream about hot, naked chicks.
    How about hot naked chicks while I practice guitar. Someone tell me how to make this happen.
    I think if you spend enough time around TGP or similar websites eventually dreaming about guitars will be more erotic than women.
    Crazy as it sounds, I've learned songs in dreams. On 2 separate occasions I've had guitar dreams turn lucid when I suddenly realize that I don't actually know how to play the songs that I'm on stage playing at that moment. When this happens, I look down to watch my hands through the rest of the song to see how it's done. In both cases my "dream lesson" turned out to be about 90+% correct.
    I've had a similar experience as 2ndratehack. I used a gpro tab to learn a solo that contained a passage with an awkward fingering from killswitch and had a dream about it later. In the dream, I changed one note to a different string which made the lick much more fluid and have been using that fingering ever since. The subconscious mind is powerful
    That Old Geezer
    I see your edits between takes were much longer than your previous videos, thank you. As for the lesson I have mixed feelings about it but I'd rather not divulge into them completely. Some it is right, such as the brain creating new pathways with the newly learned muscle memory. The fact the body does this during sleep is so important because many people think they should forego sleep to practice more but in the end they're just hurting themselves by rewriting all of their previous work with sub par practice. As for the pretending to do the muscle movements in a half awake/asleep state I don't see myself doing that, but if it works for you go for it.
    Rex Inclitus
    For decades now I always contemplated scale patterns and modes while entering the sleep process, visualizing the fretboard etc.. and it has always been beneficial inducing sleep and improving my playing.
    Good Ol' Ramos
    Most of my practicing is done at the end of my day. I tend to go to sleep with fresh thoughts of music in my head. Whatever song or solo I was working on, I try to play first thing when I wake up the next morning, and it's usually much better. fwiw
    I sometimes have lucid dreams where I'll play guitar. Sometimes it'll be me playing actual songs and other times I'll be able to successfully improvise.
    Before today, I had never played guitar...ever. Last night, I imagined that I could play like Paul Gilbert. I woke up this morning, went out and bought a guitar, and now I can play exactly like Paul Gilbert.
    LOL ... WTF, I went to sleep being able to play like Paul Gilbert, & woke up playing like Willie Nelson *&^%!! :
    not a lesson that should have been posted here. not even a real lesson.
    I feel like this should have been entirely about meditation. Learning to control the mind and thoughts is part of honing martial arts, and I feel this is very applicable for the occasional and heavy practicer. Stilling the mind (completely calm like a flat surface of water, reflective as a mirror) allows for complete concentration that is unaffected by any outside or extraneous perceptions. That way, one could address with clarity their technique or even creativity. It sounds like when the mind goes towards sleep, it loses some of the excess thought and is more efficient. Just ideas
    I can play what i hear in my dreams even if the notes aren't where im fretting in the dream lol
    Some years ago when I just started learning how to play guitar, in my "guitar dreams " I noticed my fingers were playing the wrong notes or the chords didn´t make any sense but the song sounded right. Now, when I dream I´m playing, my fingers are in the right position and I´m able to improvise.
    haha I actually agree with this in a way, when I'm learning a song and go to sleep without having finished (but having seen the complete tab) I sometimes dream with the tab, which eventually makes me remember it better when I'm awake... I miss dreaming cool stuff.