Learning The Fretboard

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Learning The Fretboard
This isn't as much a lesson as it is a co-learning thing, as I am also an intermediate soloist, but this lesson is for learning the fretboard, an essential skill for learning scales. 1. So after a few run-throughs of the C-major, I started playing all the whole notes on the first three frets (the first octave), which is essentially:
 e||F |   |G | 
 B||C |   |D | 
 G||   |A |   |
 D||   |E |F | 
 A||   |B |C | 
 E||F |   |G | 
First, fret these notes on your guitar, saying each note as you play it, or even sing it if you'd prefer to do so. 2. Now that you know all the whole notes of the first 3 frets, you can start learning the octave of the open note till the twelfth fret on each string individually. This is simple, all you have to do is navigate to the open note of the string then work this simple principle, every octave goes in this order "A BC D EF G A" where the spaces indicate a half note. The 12th fret is always the end of the octave and the same as the open. The chart for the above:
  e||F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |
  B||C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |  |A |  |B |
  G||  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |
  D||  |E |F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |
  A||  |B |C |  |D |  |E |F |  |G |  |A |
  E||F |  |G |  |A |  |B |C |  |D |  |E |
     1     3     5     7     9        12
This actually looks sensible now doesn't it? If you still don't understand, look at it this way: Taking the lower E suppose, look at it's notes till the twelfth:
 E||F| |G| |A| |B|C| |D| |E |
  ||1| |3| |5| |7| |9| | |12|
You can see that it starts with E and goes through the whole octave (E-F-G-A-B-C- D-E) and ends in the twelfth fret with the same note. 3. Now that you know how this works, you have to practice it. Use the A BC D EF G principle string by string until you got each note. Say each note as you play it. After that, you are ready to learn semi-tones or half notes. 4. Well, if you think Semi-tones are going to be another hassle like learning whole notes, you're mistaken. In the above diagram of notes till the twelfth, all the blank spaces between notes are sharps of the note before and flat of the note after. This is my first lesson, so don't be too harsh, I think this is a pretty easy method for learning the fretboard.
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