Learning The Fretboard. Part II

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Welcome to Learning the Fretboard Part 2. Glad that most people enjoyed the previous lesson. I really enjoy writing these and it's nice to know that people are appreciating it, so thanks for everyone's support so far :) If you haven't read the previous article, please do so now! The lesson is called "Learning the Fretboard". Let's begin: Remember: when learning these scales, say the note names out loud, slowly, and make an effort to internalise each fret as a note, rather than a number. Second Octave:
E Phrygian
    E F G A B C D E
F Lydian
    F G A B C D E F
G Mixolydian
e|----------------3-------------------G-----  Hint: Try to make note of  
B|----------3-5-6---------------D-E-F-------        similar notes on
G|----2-4-5---------------A-B-C-------------        different strings.
D|--5-------------------G-------------------        eg. The 6th fret of 
A|------------------------------------------            the B string (F) is
E|------------------------------------------            the same F of fret 1
                                                        on the e string.
    G A B C D E F G
A Aeolian
e|----------------5---------------------A---  Also: Do you notice that on 
B|----------5-6-8-----------------E-F-G-----        most strings, the 7th
G|----4-5-7-----------------B-C-D-----------        fret is the same note,
D|--7---------------------A-----------------        one octave higher, of
A|------------------------------------------        the open string above it?
E|------------------------------------------   eg. 7th fret on the G-string
                                                    is a D! 
    A B C D E F G A
B Locrian
e|---------------------7------------------B--   Note: The previous rule
B|---------------8-10-----------------G-A----  doesn't apply on the B-string
G|-------7-9-10-----------------D-E-F--------   Instead, the 8th fret of the
D|--9-10--------------------B-C--------------    B-string will give you the 
A|-------------------------------------------    same note, an octave higher,
E|-------------------------------------------    of the open G-string - a G!
    B C  D E F   G A  B
C Ionian
   C  D E F  G A  B C
D Dorian
    D  E F  G  A  B  C  D
Just one more useful tip: The fifth fret of a string is the same note as the open string below it (except for on the G-string, where this rule applies to the fourth fret).
eg. Fret 5 on the D string is a G. 
    Fret 5 on the A string is a D
and Fret 4 on the G-string is a B
You've probably noticed this if you've ever tuned a guitar by ear before. And there you have it! I hope my little "handy tips" aren't annoying or patronising. I just find that if you can make some kind of connection with a note, you will remember it better. The tips about similar notes on the 5th and 7th frets always helped me to remember where those certain notes are. As you practice these exercises, see if you can find any cool tricks like that to help you 'connect' with specific notes. But remember: the only things that will really help you to learn your fretboard is sheer hard work, patience and proper practice! Next week I will post a lesson that combines the scales from this lesson and the previous and start to introduce the notes past the 12th fret. What happens next is a surprise (about as exciting as finding an old potato chip under your keyboard). I hope this lesson was as good as the last. Enjoy, practice hard, and have fun :)
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