Metal Riffs For Rookies

New to metal? This lesson will help you with easy riffs that sound good and are easy to play.

Hello, welcome to this brief lesson! First off, most metal is played in D or C tuning. Some bands tune down as low as B or A... For this lesson, we will be playing in C tuning (Two steps down). Just a few things before we start... 1) Crank the Gain/Distortion on your amp. 2) Set the treble, middle and bass to your preference. 3) use a pick

Riff 1

Its a pretty basic riff. Easy to play, sounds good and is a gateway to much more. Play that riff a few times until you get the hang of it, once you do, try palm muting the open notes on the C string.

Riff 2

So, try these two riffs and it should get you on the right track... CHEERS.

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    This isn't very good lesson. You just tell us that most metal is in certain tuning, and show two riffs. Not even very good riffs, ones that every metalhead could come up with in a few minutes after starting guitar. "2) Set the treble, middle and bass to your preference." Could have given examples of different setups. This lesson looks like it's for very beginners, so they most likely won't have a "preference". If you aren't going to make an extensive lesson, guide or whatever, don't make it, or at least post here.
    Hey this was very easy to play which I assume is a non-offensive point to make? @Dwarffi, Do you have any other lessons?
    These are some good tabs regardless there simple with a little thinking one of these could end up as a riff for an entire song. I like them there giving me ideas thanks