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Direct instructions on how palm muting is done.

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I noticed there was only one other palm muting lesson in here, and everybody was making bad comments on it, so I decided to put one in. I've only been playing guitar for about a month and a half and this is my first lesson, so bere with me. I found palm muting very simple, so, il share it with you. Palm muting is a very simple technique, which is used very often to give a short (stubby) sound, not completely mute the note, which is what you would think because of the name. All it really is, is having your palm on the bottom of the string(s), right next to where the bridge is, while strumming the chord or note. Sounds easy right? Well it is, once you get used to it. I found it uncomfortable to do it, and I found that my palm was sliding up the string, so that there was no sound at all, but after time, I got used to it, as I am sure you will too, and it became easier and easier to do. You don't really have to press down hard, just enough to give it that sound that you want. A song that I think has good palm muting in it is Sum41's "still waiting", at the beginning with: (i skipped the first time around, this is played twice)
pm .  .    .    .   .    .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .    .   .    .    .  .

 pm  .  .  .  .  . .   .  .
the "pm" tells you when to palm mute, and the "." indicates which notes/chords to palm mute on. It may be above or below the tab, or may be in another form, but it still means the same thing, palm mute. As you can see, the last chord is not palm muted, so you lift your palm off of the strings to play it. I hope this helped all of you who didn't know how to palm mute.

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    Darken Rahl
    black_coffin wrote: 1 thing do you pm with the hand you strum with and is it the side of your hand cos i only learnt this tonight and i dont quite no how to do this
    Yeah man... have it close to the back of the bridge.. its whatever is comfortable but either way its still majority of the side of your hand. Don't really press down with your picking hand... just let it reston the strings.
    Adding on to my previous comment, dont press very hard when playing "clean", it makes it sound more like a precussion instrament such as a snare drum...without the snare on more like a really "tight" tom drum.
    palm muting kinda comes natural to me because i hold my hand RIGHT BEHIND the bridge so it doesnt feel too much different to me , and no it does not only work in works when playing "clean" too.
    CrAZy ClOWN69
    CrAZy ClOWN69 wrote: lol why do peeps gotta be ***** and talk ****???? seriously some people just dont know how to do it so just STFU
    CrAZy ClOWN69
    lol why do peeps gotta be ***** and talk ****???? seriously some people just dont know how to do it so just STFU
    Themarsh wrote: a little more detai? you just put your palm on the strings at the bridge what do you want him to go to your house and do it for u?
    yes that would be nice =) haha...
    good lesson for beginners. some good songs that have alot of palm muting would be from SOAD. just thought i should mention it.
    Black as Black
    Lol... I was just reading through these comments and almost died laughing... Jesus man, you play guitar for a year and dont know how to mute? thats just funny. Ahem... anyways, palm muting is a simple technique to learn, but very difficult to master... I think it took me a month to learn the Spider Riff in master of puppets. Also, if you plan on being good, learn not only how to alternate/economy pick your mutes, learn to alternate pick everything! Builds loads of speed, which will help you loads later. also, palm mutes only work well on electrics because when you hear them in songs, your really just hearing the distortion it creates, not the strings being picked. that dont mean you cant mute on acoustics, you just have to mute VERY lightly. And to answer your question black coffin, yes you pm with your picking hand... I hope I answered any questions not covered by the guide. Great guide btw, very direct and simple. Good luck learning palm muting noobies!
    Darken Rahl
    Punk as atticus wrote: i got a question. i here loads of songs where they play palm muting in sixthteenth notes or faster. Do you use upstrokes when you do these palm mutes?
    Alternate picking... you go up and down... Up down up down up down. Triple picking... really heavy sound, you go down, up,down, really fast.
    this is pretty good. I actually did have trouble when I started with keeping my hand off the strings. Thus, I had trouble with having to put it on again in a certain way and I wasn't quite sure of how it went exactly. My 1/2 speed MoP actually sounds half right!
    Thanks!! This helped me out a lot. I've been playing for about a year and a half, and I was completely clueless when I looked on my music and saw a "palm mute." I'm completely self taught, and have never had a lesson in my life so I really don't know..^o^()
    Great job! I think I'm gonna try it. Keep on writing. Please...
    pming is ez its not worth a whole lesson
    dude this lesson suks any 1 who dosent know how to palm mute in the first place are fags
    I like how all the people putting the lesson down type like they're using an AOL chat. Fucking morons. Come back and use grown-up words like "fags" when you've mastered grammar and spelling.
    good lesson for newbies learning to play. it would have really helped about five years ago when i started though. lol
    1 thing do you pm with the hand you strum with and is it the side of your hand cos i only learnt this tonight and i dont quite no how to do this
    oh another thing (sorry for the double post...)to the other beginners like me try practising palm muting over Of sins and shadows by Symphony X..great song!!it's tuned Drop D, I think..
    good one, thanks a lot. this really took me into palm muting and when I realized what was the problem I was stuck....actually it's such simple and stupid that I was ashamed ... thanks again, keep up the good works!
    i cant seem to do a palm mute, or it just doesn't sound right with my guitar or something. When i try a palm mute it makes almost a sound of harmonics. can anyone help me out? also, i didnt exactly know what he meant by
    bottom of the string.
    does he mean like literally between 2 strings or what? thanks people.
    i know how to palm mute, but when i try doing it the notes don't make a sound lol
    thank you very much for this example, it made sense to me !, and to all of you still complaining, you're probably doing it right, it just doesn't sound great when you do it for the first time, try a few more times. trust me, it gets slightly better every time
    Nice lesson. You explained it really well. I didnt learn how to palm mute until i was playing for about 2 months. So i would say your doing pretty good.
    this lesson helped alot i still can't to it very well but now i now how
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    Siara wrote: A good one to practice on is Barracuda by Heart. it's all muting. And yes, this site is for musicians to learn from other musicians. No one knows all there is to know. There's always something new to be learned. and perhaps those who insist on name calling and plain trying to be nasty need to be in bed by 8.
    What I learned it on
    o.k. ive been playing for 3 1/2 months and i found this to be very enlightining on how to palm mute next time maybe u can type about pinch harmonics
    Wow dude i've been playing for two years and I just learned how to palm mute, but everything else I can do.
    bloody good seeing as u have been only playing for a month or so (ive been playing for 2 years and i still cant do it)
    oh yeah sorry for double posting but to pick while muting you have to move your wrist instead of your elbow or shoulder if you have that problem. you should almost always be using your wrist to pick, its, well, safer. kinda pivot your muting spot to pick
    Exaton wrote: "Palm muting is a very simple technique" Are you kidding?? Try to play smoothly Metallica's fast riff in the middle of "Seek & Destroy" or "Master Of Puppetts" first & verse riffs. It's really hard.
    the actually muting is easy. that songs difficulty is the product of the strange alternate picked muting technique required. PS. palm muting isnt with your palm its with the spot right above your wrist in between your wrist and your palm
    ZeroAvix wrote: This helped alot. Ive been playing for about 2 months, but only seriously practicing and not just messing around with chords and stuff just recently. Everyone else just said "Pming is easy" "Lulz to anyone who doesnt know how to PM" without ever actually EXPLAINING how to do it. Thanks alot.
    me too. nd im surprised all these hardcore master guitarists have time to even come on this site between world tours. oh wait thats right theyre not not even that good ohhhhh snap. spank u for this lesson
    palm muting is easy but how can the strumming be improved along with palm muting,like children of bodom and zakk wylde.