Parts Of An Electric Guitar

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Since there is no other guide on the parts of a guitar (yet), i'll post one myself. Thanks to 812many and IndieMetalhead for definitions on bridges and pickups. Body - this is the part of the guitar that holds the bridge, pickups, strings, strap holders, tremelo inputs, and volume/tone controls. The body is also usually made of some type of wood and comes in many different colors. Strings - usually every guitar has 6 strings. You pluck and pick the strings to produce noise. Each string has a different level of thickness. The thicker the string, the lower the sound and vice versa. Sometimes, the strings can break and you need to get them replaced. Bridge - the part where the strings sit at the body end of the guitar. The bridge may be Tune-O-Matic, Floyd Rose, Hardtail, Bigsby or Tremolo. Pickups - the electronic devices that pick up magnetic fluctuations in the area around the pickup which can be disturbed by the string to make sound. They are can be found on the body under the strings. Tremelo Inputs - most electric guitars include these, but some require installing to put one on. Located on the body, the temelo input produces a wavy sound by pressing down on the tremelo bar. Tremelo bars are sort of like sticks you push into the tremelo input. Strap Holder - these are little stubs around the edge of the body of the guitar. They are used for keeping your strap on. Volume/Tone Controls - are on the body of the guitar. If you mix the settings up a little, you can produce a unique sound. These controls can also be found on an amplifier. Headstock - every guitar has a headstock. The headstock is the little piece of wood that sits on top of the fretboard. The headstock holds tuning pegs and the ends of the strings. Tuning Pegs - without the tuning pegs, your guitar will sound like a most people who try out for 'American Idol.' Bad. Good thing, we have these little guys to tune our guitars with. The tuning pegs are little silver stubs on the side of the headstock. Fretboard (frets and fret markers) - this is the neck part of the guitar. It contains frets and fret markers. Frets are little metal ridges along the guitar that you would press the strings on to produce a different note. Fret Markers are indicators of which fret is where on the fretboard. Fret markers can be found on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 21st fret. The 12th fret has a mark that differs from the rest of the marks on the fretboard. This is because the 12th fret produces the same note as an open string. So this is a basic guide on the parts of an electric guitar. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it helped you out.
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