Pinky Dexterity Exercise

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Exercise 1 This is more of a warm up for the next exercises. Start slow then gradually speed up until your little finger slows down by it self if it does not and you are that proficient then maintain that speed with as much consistency as you can. Use your ring finger for the 12th fret then hammer and pull off away with your pinky/little finger. You can also to this on the other strings but if you choose to do so then make sure that as you hammer and pull off you do not hit the strings adjacent to the ones you are using. Keep it as clean as possible.
E 12h13p12h13p12h13p12h13 and so on ----------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------------------------------
G --------------------------------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------
Exercise 2 Only pick the first note. Don't use your pointing and middle finger in this exercise. You could also move up the fret board if you wish.
E -------------------------------------------------------12h13p12h12---
B --------------------------------------------12h13p12h12--------------
D ----------------------12h13p12h12------------------------------------
A -----------12h13p12h12-----------------------------------------------
E 12h13p12h12----------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------13p12h13p12---
B --------------------------------------------13p12h13p12--------------
G ---------------------------------13p12h13p12-------------------------
D ----------------------13p12h13p12------------------------------------
A -----------13p12h13p12-----------------------------------------------
E 13p12h13p12----------------------------------------------------------
Exercise 3 HOLD 12 and 15 with your pointing and ring finger and pull off with your pinky. Start slowly until you get the pattern gets stuck in your head. This exercise will help your pinky/finger become more precise.
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------
B 15-h18p15-h17p15-------------h18p12------h17p15----------------------
G 12--------------h18p12-h17p12------h17p12------h18p12----------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------
I hope this helps! Cheers!
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