Prog Metal Drums Analysis: 'Heart of the Sea Nymph'

A real-time analysis of the drumming in a progressive metal song, commentated from a songwriting perspective for beginners who aren't used to writing drums.

Ultimate Guitar
I've gotten several requests lately to talk more about drums. Since the majority of my students are guitarists, many of them are approaching music from that perspective. When the time comes for them to add drums to their compositions, they're finding themselves unsatisfied with their abilities.

In this lesson, I commentate Keith Merrow's "Heart of the Sea Nymph," by request. This song's drumming goes through several different types of grooves, each functioning as almost archetypal examples of their respective styles and purposes. It presents a great opportunity for non-drummers to learn how to compose drum grooves in a progressive metal context. So, if you find yourself needing (or just wanting) to write drum grooves for your music, but don't feel that you quite know how, look no further than the following video. Enjoy!

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