Solos 1.01

author: martinman777 date: 09/25/2012 category: for beginners

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Solos 1.01
Alright so most solos are made using a simple pentatonic scale now I like to use this bluesy sounding scale myself but you don't have to. And once you get that down you can use that basic pattern of going up 3 frets from your base, note then going up a whole step for the next 3 strings then going up 3 frets again and apply it to just about anywhere. But anyways so once you have that memorized you just play with it go up and down throwing in a occasional vibrato or bend you don't even have to do it fast but eventually you will start getting carried away with it and then next thing you know your playing solos that sound like something B.B. King would play.
You can even come up with some nice little licks like for example:
b = bend And don't be afraid to experiment with it you can sit there and switch the scale in the middle of your solo or even just throw in a couple of different note just think of a scale as like the frame of your solo. P.S. Yea I know my article is lacking complete grammar and basic punctuation so please don't tell me about it.
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