Starting Speed Playing IV

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Intro: Hello! It is day seven of CPDmusic's lesson marathon 2010, which means it is also the fourth and final instalment of the "Starting Speed Playing" series. So far, we have looked at sweep picking, alternate picking, and economy picking in this series. Therefore, we only have only one thing left to learn "Adding On": That's right, today's lesson will simply be about "adding on" to our sweeps and economy picking. This lesson will really be nothing new (I hope), but it's probably something you didn't think of practicing. This lesson will look on exercises to help you in adding hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, and two-hand tapping to your "regular" sweeping and economy picking. You may think "wellwhy write an entire lesson on that? You just sweep pick, and then bend, so what!" Well, for beginners, it can be a lot hard than it sounds. What's happens is you will get used to the natural picking rhythm of doing straight sweep picking or economy picking, and stopping that rhythm to add in other notes can throw you off at first. Therefore, it is good to practice adding these techniques to your picking. So, let's begin! Bending: Bending is probably the "easiest" technique to add to your picking (I hesitate to say easiest, because different people are good, and not so good, at different things). As I said before, the most difficult thing can be the rhythm; switching from picking even sixteenth notes to an eighth note or quarter note bend, and back, can be awkward at first. Let's start out by adding a bend to some easy simple-string alternate picking:
Pretty easy, right? You may mess up the first couple times, but that's okay. Try playing the above riff at a tempo of around 140 B.P.M. Once you've got that down, it's time to add bending to economy picking. Try playing this riff:
Once again, a speed of 140 B.P.M. should be good for this riff. Just remember to play it as fluently as possible, and play close attention to the picking direction. Once you have that down, time to add bending to your sweep picking. Try playing this riff:
Same thing applies to this riff as the previous two; a speed of around 140 B.P.M., be fluent, you've heard me say it 100 times now, you get the point. Now, I have only posted one riff for each technique here, which can get quite monotonous. So, I'll post some additional riffs at the end of this lesson. But, until then, that's all we really need to look at for bending. Hammer-on and Pull-off: The next additive we are going to use is hammer-ons and pull-offs. Now, this will be even more difficult than bending rhythm-wise (once again, hesitant to say that), so you may find this harder. Let's start off by add hammer-ons and pull-offs to our alternate picking. Try playing this riff:
I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but be fluent! Once you've got that, you can try adding hamer-ons and pull-offs to economy picking:
Once again, 140 B.P.M, all that stuff, you know the drill. Once you've got the hang of that it's time to add hammer-ons and pull-offs to your sweep picking. Try playing this riff:
Two-hand Tapping: The final technique we will look at today his two-hand tapping. Two-hand tapping is very similar to hammer-ons and pull-offs, except it requires more movement from the right hand. Remember, all the tips and pointers from before apply to all the upcoming exercises. Let's first start by adding two-hand tapping to alternate picking:
Once you've got that down pretty fluently (and at 140 B.P.M.), try adding two-hand tapping to your economy picking:
And then once you've got that down, try combining tapping with sweep picking:
And that's it for two-hand tapping! Gimme More! Now, as you may have noticed, this lesson was very brief, with only 3 exercises per section, and very little text. That is because it's just combining some stuff that I assume you already know if you're at this stage, so, it's almost like there is "nothing new" to teach here. But, just to make things a bit more exciting, here are some more riffs using the techniques learned today! Economy Picking w./ Bending:
Economy Picking w./ Hanner-ons and Pull-offs:
Economy Picking w./ Two-hand Tapping:
The Ultimate Sweeping Exercise!
Outro: Well, that's all for the "Starting Speed Playing" series, and week one of CPDmusic's lesson writing marathon 2010. Hopefully you enjoyed this lesson, and learned a lot from it! Goodbye! Support CPDmusic's Lesson Writing Marathon By Joining This Group.
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