Starting To Learn The Scales. Part 1

The first lesson is on the Ionian scale which is technically the major scale so click on the link and learn!

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There are modes in scales which makes up all of the scales for the particular version. Here is the first mode for the Ionian scale in F (all of the modes fit in different keys so if I'm in F I would move down a whole step and bang! I'm in the key of G and its mode 1 for the key of G). Ionian (Major scale) Mode I In key of F
If I decided to play in a different key because the musician next to me decides "he just can't sing that low" and changes keys on me to G I can go ddown a half step on my solo because I decide to use this scale this what I do (this is the same formation of the fingers just a half step down and this works with any scale but rember this is mode I of VII) Ionian (Major Scale) Mode I In key of G
Lastly if you want to Master these scales just descend then ascend wile practicing. this helps build forum, muscle memory, and lastly it forces u to recall the scale when you come back to your guitar to play it.

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    For Beginners??? We beginners need lessons to be able to get anything out of your beginner lessons...i.e. What does "modes in scales.." mean, and isn't Ionian something you do to your sunday shirt?
    I do agree with WattsDK for people with theory knowledge this is a nifty thing to remember but its all greek to beginners, you might want to do a lesson regarding scales from scratch, circle of fifths, basic theory and so on, heck I'd even appreciate that! but more scales lessons please.
    ok well my next lesson is in waiting so i will start another one for diffren't scales
    samhurley7 wrote: Ok sory ill chill it down
    No man, don't be sorry I can see you know what your talking about it's just the rest of us noobs don't. so the Ionian mode you can move across the fretboard and it will change key, but does the same rule apply for all the other modes? like let's say dorian and Mixolydian? I would love if the next lesson could be about the dorian mode, thanks!
    where do I go to figure out what those numbers on the images mean?
    the numbers are the fret where your fingers should be. Bottom line is the top string closest to your face if your a righty
    Pretty nifty. But one whole step is that two frets lower or just one ?
    Remember this line - "Ernie Frank and Brad Cohen are two of my best friends." - That might help you remember that there is only 1 fret between E and F, and B and C. I remember reading that in a theory book I have.
    A whole step is 2 frets unless you're going from B to C or from E to F. Then it's only one fret. because B&C are love birds just like E&F.