Starting To Learn The Scales. Part 1

author: samhurley7 date: 01/06/2012 category: for beginners

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There are modes in scales which makes up all of the scales for the particular version. Here is the first mode for the Ionian scale in F (all of the modes fit in different keys so if I'm in F I would move down a whole step and bang! I'm in the key of G and its mode 1 for the key of G). Ionian (Major scale) Mode I In key of F
If I decided to play in a different key because the musician next to me decides "he just can't sing that low" and changes keys on me to G I can go ddown a half step on my solo because I decide to use this scale this what I do (this is the same formation of the fingers just a half step down and this works with any scale but rember this is mode I of VII) Ionian (Major Scale) Mode I In key of G
Lastly if you want to Master these scales just descend then ascend wile practicing. this helps build forum, muscle memory, and lastly it forces u to recall the scale when you come back to your guitar to play it.
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