Sweep Picking Secrets

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Sweep Picking Secrets
Alright, so I have only been playing guitar for a couple years, and one of the things that has always bothered me is sweep picking. All of my favorite bands do it, so obviously it was a trick I needed to learn. But every time I tried, I always found a new problem (a note would ring out too long, lose timing, etc). Finally I figured out some easy ways to get you started on the way to sweeping. 1. Set the guitar to the neck pickup position, you can get a smoother sound which is ideal for this trick. 2. Set your hands up for it. Don't jump into a sweep at 17 when your playing legato at 5. Jumping too far will mess up your hands. 3. Don't rely on muscle memory. Pay attention to every note you hit, it will go a long way in helping you shift positions during a sweeping lick. 4. Finally, slow down. I know my biggest problem, and a lot of my friends as well, was rushing into it thinking we had to do it as fast as we could. Slow it down, work your way through it and the speed will come to you. Alright thats all I got. I hope this helps someone out there, even though I'm sure most of you already know it. **** I had comments saying to post some examples. Here you go:
This is a sweeping lick based on D minor. The notes in that scale seem to have an overwhelming popularity in metal (Dropping with the tuning of course, for drop D, it would be D minor, but in drop C, C minor, etc). This shape can be moved to fit whatever key your in, but I like it on 17, I play a lot in D minor. If you play in slow, it has a nice dark feel to it, especially when adding slides. Go ahead and try it out using my tips in the last lesson if you want. Also, if your not quite at 5 string level yet, try it on the top three strings (just the 14 15 13 and 17) it sounds good even then (and seems to be a favorite of BFMV)
This lick is based around an Am7. Coincidentally, it fits in a D minor key pretty well, so like to use this to kinda build into the previous sweep. I'll demonstrate how below:
Alright, so for the last example, I've decided to use a lick that I wrote. It's pretty much an extension of the previous lick.
The tonality here goes Am7, Dm, CM7, Dm7. That's all I got. Hope this is what was wanted.
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