Teachers Lessons Plans I - Basic Lesson Series

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Lessons vary from 90 minutes to 30 so depending on how long you have: expand or simplify part of the lesson. Please note that these plans are based off personal opinion, and have been created for someone who is teaching a student who has never before played the guitar. The criteria that we will cover over the next basic lesson series" will be the follow:
  • Guitar position: (comfortable/efficient) in between thighs preferably.
  • Right elbow: touches top (face) of guitar.
  • Strumming hand position: pinky finger is used as a brace, no bouncing up and down when picking notes.
  • Left hand: strongly, mobile, thumb position: middle of neck/lower generally, finger dexterity exercises.
  • Music theory: notes/strings are notes/frets change pitch=>different note.
  • Different combinations of notes make chords. (E.g. minor, major. ect.)
  • Reading tablatures, (e.g. b / \ h p * )
  • Tuning Explanation of guitar methods: Describe and Demo:
  • Different genres used different techniques and ask about the student preferred music genre.
  • Explain parts of the guitar and explain purposes of each specific part.
  • Holding guitar: classical style is useful but sometimes pointless (body in between legs) I prefer holding the guitar like this because I find it easier to move my left hand up and down the neck and can reach farther in that position.
  • Have students hold the guitar in a manner that is comfortable but allows them to play without any hindrances (e.g. sleeve hitting strings).
  • Have students place elbow on the face of guitar and from there have them strum over the pickups (should be smooth movement).
  • Right hand (picking hand), how to hold/pick properly. Note: don't pick away from the guitar, have student pick string slowly and over exaggerate the technique by having the pick touch the string below before returning to original position.
  • Alternate picking can be introduced but primarily practice getting a smooth picking motion.
  • Options for picking hand: use pinky finger as a brace, fist technique, OK hand signal method that allows other fingers to pick notes ect.
  • Left hand: have student place thumb on the direct opposite side of a fret. Then place middle and ring finger on the frets on either side of the fret.
  • Explain how hand has to be strong, flexible, and able to move quickly and your fingers will develop strength as they play. Try: (after teaching names of strings) G-major
    Note: Good time to introduce tabs or memory learning (no tabs) If tabs: 2=1st finger, 3=2nd Finger, 4=3rd finger and 5=4th finger (for this tab only)
  • Generally try to find what your student is comfortable with, but, DO NOT allow him/her to develop bad habits. Do:
  • have student try different techniques (if they haven't while you were describing/demoing)
  • Teach a basic song that involves one or two strings or strength building exercise.
  • If student is interested in chords you may which your lesson in that direction but I will cover chords in a lesson later on. Feed Back:
  • Correct bad habits and have student practice the habit properly until they do it consistently.
  • Offer encouragement and positively correct mistakes. Home Work:
  • Have students read this lesson.
  • Practice G-major scale and song.
  • Encourage students to pursue their interests at home and not be limited by what you tell them to do.
  • Play guitar and have fun with it!
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