author: mascanifawn date: 07/16/2012 category: for beginners

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How To...
  • Bend Play the first note, then bend the string with the playing finger (helped eventually by the other fingers) until you hear the next note (in the tab example, a whole step bend, from E to F#). There are also 1/2, 1 1/2, 2 steps bends.
  • Bend/Release Bend then release back to the first note.
  • Hammer-on Pluck only the first note, then hammer the second at a higher fret.
  • Pull-off Pluck only the first note, then pull the second at a lower fret.
  • Slide Fret a note (or notes) and then move (slide) to another fret without taking the pressure off your finger (fingers) as you move.
  • Vibrato Repeatedly bend the pitch up slightly, and then let the note back down to the original pitch.
  • Tapping Tap with the index or midfinger at the written fret.
  • Natural Harmonic Touch the string lightly (don't press down) over the fret bar then pluck.
  • Pinch Harmonic Pick the string, then touch the edge of your right hand thumb.
  • Palm Mute Touch the string slightly with the palm of your right hand.
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