The Basics. Part 3

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Important: If you have not read lesson 1 and lesson 2 please do so before reading this. 1. Rhythm: When someone thinks to themselves that they want to learn guitar. It is usually because they want to impress their friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, family and to become 'famous' in their own little world. To do this they think of the great Lead Guitar that have made so many other people famous. Like Eric Clapton, Santana, and all the greats. However what all these people don't know is that they must have good timing and skills before they can impress everyone. This is where rhythm plays it's role. You will gather some basic methods of rhythm in this lesson and later you will be shown some lead guitar riffs and tricks. If you can get your hands on a metronome, it would be perfect. If you don't have one physically, you can get one that plays on your computer. It works basically the same as a real metronome. When using a metronome, you must listen to it. There is no point on having it if you're just going to ignore it. If you can't keep up with the beat, slow it down. I can assure you that with time and practice you will get quicker. Play these chord progressions at the speed of 100 beats per second.
v v v v | v^v^v^v^ | v v v v | v^v^v^v^ ||
G G G G   G G G G    G G G D

v v v v | v^v^v^v^ | v v v v | v^v^v^v^ ||
C C C C   C C C C    C C C E
If you can create variations of the chords used, that would be fine. If it is too fast for you to change chords, slow it down and work your way up. If you continue practicing that with different chords your rhythm should improve greatly. I suggest mixing up these chords for practice: G D C E A Am Em 2. Lead Guitar: I know everyone wants to do this so here you go. You will soon be learning some Lead guitar riffs and solos by some famous bands/people. However just before, some basic knowledge. Many solos are, in some parts, quick. I assure you that you will be quicker if you use alternate strokes of the pick instead of only using down or up strokes/picks/plucks. Some people say this is the easiest song ever. When a beginner goes into a guitar shop to test out a guitar they might buy, this song is usually played. It sounds good, and is as easy as 1 2 3. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple. I'm sure we all know the sound of this song. Here are the notes for it. I am writing it in TAB form.
Well there it is. The main riff of Smoke On The Water. Check out the next lesson for more on Lead guitar!

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