Thinking Of Buying A Guitar

I will share with you the uses of the different types of guitar. I would also recommend you what to get for the different genres. But of course, I will highlight that the genre of a guitar should not stop you from getting that guitar.

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It is very important to note that some musical styles do share guitar models. Just like the fender stratocaster, you can use it for both rock and blues. A gibson les paul is just as good as a strat in playing a wailing lead. However, it is important to know that making your own kind of music on the guitar of your choice is part of the fun and you should not really let the guitar musical style constrain you. I will list some popular music styles and classic guitars that most people associate with those styles. This list is by no means exhaistive but does include recognised standard bearers on the respective genres:
  • Rock: fender stratocaster, gibson les paul and SG, ibanez RG and signature series, Paul Reed Smith, Tom Anderson
  • Heavy metal: Gibson explorer, flying v and SG, fender stratocaster, Ibanez iceman
  • R&B: Fender stratocaster, Gibson ES-335
  • Jazz: Gibson ES-175, Super 400 L-5, Epiphone Emperor Regent
  • New age, new acoustic: Taylore Grand Concert, Ovation Balladeer
  • Acoustic blues: National steel, Gibson J-200
  • Folk: Dreadnoughts and Grand Concerts By martin, taylor, collings, gibson J-200
  • Classical: Ramirez, Hopf, Khono, Humphrey
  • Electric blues: Fender telecaster, strat, gibson les paul, gibson es-355
  • Country: fender telecaster,strat, gretsch 6120
  • Bluegrass: Martin dreadnought, taylor dreadnought, Gallagher dreadnought Although the list contains guitars that people normally associate with given styles, you should never let that limit your creativity. Play the music you want to play on the guitar you want to play on it! In other words, never mind what some chart tells you. So long as you like a particular guitar, do get it! You can also check out this for more tips, advice and lessons about guitar.
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      This guy must of never played real metal. Fender/ Gibson was great for back in the day, but what if Iron Maiden would've played their same stuff on an ESP with EMG 81's?
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      Kirk Hammett from a band, Metallica. Shit, metal is even in the band's name. lol.
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      many many guitarists my friend
      Metal Chief
      This lesson is not very good in my opinion; there are only 49 guitars included in this lesson while there are hundreds of diferent guitars. Which genres can mine play? i wouldn't know
      umm excuse me, but what kind of loser plays R & B guitar. also, chances are, if your on this site youve got a guitar, so this is pointless crap and in my experience you can play just about any music with any guitar. ive got an old strat copy and i play loads of stuff on it, it all sounds good
      i think it's funny how everyone who knocks the other kinds of music other than metal are idiots. If you don't recognize blues and R&B as the roots of metal, you've not done your homework. And what kind of guitar does it matter what you play. It's not the Bow and arrow, it's the Injun. I could make a $99 squire bullet sound like whatever the eff I wanted it to sound like. nevermind the fact the I play a guitar 10x's more expensive than anything mentioned on this page yet.
      You realy sould have expanded on the number of guitars and brands you were going to add. You've forgoten some major brands like esp, shecter, dean, and probly hundreds more
      adrian smith plays a jackson dinky not a strat! dont believe me check on the jackson website! Dave murray doesnt paly a strat either and theres only two guitarists in iron maiden, the third is steve harris and hes the bass player u idiot. Yngwie doesnt play metal he plays neo-classical metal there is a huge difference. All ibanez guitars suck unless there like 900 to 3000 dollars. Kirk hammett plays a custom signature ESP not a strat. And for the idiot who wrote this any guitar can be customized to fit a genre of music or to fit the owners liking. And that idiot who said fenders ahve twisted necks...ure wrong thats completely stereo typing fender infact they have the nicest MAPLE necks out of any other guitar brand in the world. And stats are so versatile the can play anything, but i think personally les pauls are nicer than strats. One other thing the psychosocial video by slipknot, thers not strat in that video...jim root uses a custom tele and mick thompson uses a custom ibanez. most of u have no idea what ure talking about, u sound like uve only been playing for like a year. ive been playin for 5 years and i still dont no everything the is to know so umm SHUT UP!!!!!
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      this article is useless because what its basically telling u that u can use any guitar for any style of music. pathetic.
      Couldn't find any relations. where are Ibanez JEM, ESP Jackson, Dean. Weak article
      cricketgalco wrote: Fender....mass produced garbage~ no thanks. Not into twisted necks.
      im sorry but did u just call fender garbage? i think your alone on that one pal. they are mass produced because they have a reputation for quality instruments
      i lol'ed at the people who said yngwie for "start for metal" shred isnt metal its shred and slipknot is NU-METAL not metal double fail.
      A fender strat is very versital, and common within a lot of musical styles. I think it is always good to have a single coil, as well as a humbucking guitar for this main purpose, "versatility." This was a good article, which made a lot of sense, hopefully someone learned from it, rather then wasting time bashing the author. If you guys are having trouble choosing a guitar, then go to either Musicians Friend, AMS, or Zzounds, (online) and research their features, and hardware along with reading reviews of that product, which totally help!
      fenders and gibsons are really poorly made,besides the fact that they look retarded.Id take a first act over either one(wouldnt snap the strings with a first act).Anyway a washburn X50 pro with active 'buckers knocks out most guitars
      a RG for rock, and the Iceman for metal? wtf? good read though, because reading is good. keep reading kids!
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      ummm...Serj Tankian from system of a down...
      Schecter and BCRich are two of the best metal guitars, of course I'm pretty much Schecter's sex slave xD they can do anything really, all of them are badass but they are killer for metal and hard rock stuff. Ibanez has been going downhill lately too I just got an RG for like 450 brand new, whole damn thing's a piece of shit, cheaply made for sure.
      Gibson and Fender are two great guitar makers, but lets not leave out schecter, framus, esp, dean, and ernie ball brands just to name a few. In many cases a good esp / ltd guitar or even a schecter can smoke a les paul. Can you say active pickups, and 24 frets? It just kinda looks like the article is fender / gibson worshipping. If your buying a guitar and reading this article, then chances are your not very experienced. Not very experienced = not going to a guitar store and laying down $1,000 on a legit les paul or stat. Either way +1 for reaching out to the guitar community
      why the hell wud u wana buy an RG for heavy metal.. its a nu metal series guitar.. get an S series if u want heavy metal tones i mean really.. and BC Rich have nice tone,and absolutely rubbish feel.. Shecter is decent for sure.. a strat is perfect to start out on.. but if u want a heavier tone and more experience smoothed feel,ibanez or esp is the way to go.. les paul is definately NOT a heavy metal guitar.. its meant for more toned down metal.. u cant do much on it,other than have a great Gary Moore tone.. ppl that are new to guitar and buy Ltd's or Deans really annoy me.. u cant judge guitar sound or feel if u cant play guitar.. so rather stick with entry level guitars instead of paying so much for a high end guitar that u CANT play or prob end up playing pathetic power chords or guns n roses crap on it..
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      Plz excuse my spelling yngwie Malmsteen does you retard
      Another is Ritchie Blackmore aceofspades10, I think that you doesnt know something about guitar gear
      The most believable part of this article is the last paragraph. I'm surprised Schecter and Jackson guitars weren't on the metal list. Though to the people against strats, they're versatile enough, even to reach metal.
      aceofspades10 wrote: who plays a strat in metal? really? sorry, bro, just not a quality article.
      slipknot maybe.... psychosocial video
      lolz this lesson looks like its taken from playing guitar for dummies (asctually i think it is :p)
      just what the bloody hell on earth was this crap? give me back my minutes of life I spent reading this ... idiot
      Wow I'm not sure about this stuff I play a epiphone les paul and it's perfect for the metal I play. Excluding the absence of a Tremolo and 24 frets. I want a schecter or a ESP eclipse later on though.
      Addis Ababa
      this is considered a lesson? it doesnt matter what you play more like how you play it. If you wanna use a guitar to fit with your certain style just because 'all the cool kids are doing it' you seriously need to look at why you are even playing an instrument. stop polluting the website with this crap
      i've got some advice too. look at pictures/ videos/ the internet for the guitar you like the look of best. get one from the best make in your budget. enjoy why has this lesson not been deleted?
      I must say, although Maiden do use Fender for metal; there are a lot of much better suited producers out there - Didn't even mention Jackson or ESP.
      why the hell wud u wana buy an RG for heavy metal.. its a nu metal series guitar.. get an S series if u want heavy metal tones i mean really.. and BC Rich have nice tone,and absolutely rubbish feel.. Dude y wouldn't u buy an RG for metal if you want a for metal tone just get different humbuckers. And BC Rich is ok for metal. i would know i have a 2002 mockingbird.