Tuning Your Guitar II

For those who need help on tuning.

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If you haven't considered reading the FAQ on tuning, take a look at this. Some key points that I remebered: very 2 frets is 'Step'. 1 fret is a 'Half-step'.
Standard tuning:
For example, the two bottom strings (E and A) should sound the same, then so should A and D.
Drop-D tuning:
Play this then, detune the bottom string till they both sound the same. You do not need the rest of the strings for this.
A Step Down tuning (D G C F A D):
Play the 3rd fret of the bottom string and detune the string above it to make them sound the same. This would make the A string go down a step. Like the standard tuning, you can now tune the rest of the strings but you are detuning the one above the fretted string. The bottom string is now higher than it should normally be. So, detune the bottom string, as if you're tuning normally. You would now be looking at you're strings like this:
Drop-C tuning is just the same as the Drop-D technique. Good examples of this tuning is used in the album Toxicity by System Of A Down.
Harmonic tuning:
I see a small bar dividing the fretboard into spaces where you should place your finger. Place your finger on the string (lightly touching, not pressing down onto the board) just about where that bar is. The '0' indicates open string, does not need to be fretted.

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    can somebody teach me how to read tabs. i would appreciate it a extreme much. contact me pleassssse
    hey man. thank u a lot.. but i still have troubles for tuning in drop d.. i dont know what to do after tuning E and A.. can you complete that tune tab??
    hmm drop c could have been explained more for retards like me i like the drop d part but get sorta lost after that.
    i need to know how to get D# C# G# F# A# D# for a jimi hendrix song i want to learn ...many thanx
    Hehe B and H are the same but some scandinavian use H but dont ask why. Dropping guitar tuning a half step is 5 frets diffrences you can also use the 5 rule in tabs example Youth of the Nation. Normarly D----- A-----8---8--- C-0-0-0-3---3----- Calculated a string down D-----3---3---3----- A----- C-0-0-0-3---3---3----- thi s rule just only work if your guitar is tuned as you might can see there are 5 frets and a string for diffrence that is a half tone i was taught.
    please can someone pm me on how to tune to drop d...PLEASE!!!
    a friend taught me this. C#,F#,B E,G#,C# I just drop my top string down to B. You can now do fifths with one finger.
    whats the use for the harmonic tuning? and why is it tuned in that way? is standard tuning and harmonic tuning different?
    Thanks, it took me forever to figure out how to tune my guitar but after seeing this page its a lot simpler!!!1!
    DOES ANY ONE KNOW TUNING??? I know that standard on a bass tuner iz no flats (E,A,D,G) and five flats are low B (B,E,A,D) and I know that two flats are (D,-,-,-,) or somthin but what are 1,3,and4 flats called PLEEZ SOMEONE TELL ME!!!If u can THNX!!!
    just to make sure...to tune to Db(drop D tuned half a step down) would i tune my guitar half a step down and then tune to drop D? i was also wondering if this was half a step down? e|-----|-----|-----|----- |---0-| B|-----|-----|-----|---0- |-5---| G|-----|-----|---0-|-3--- |-----| D|-----|---0-|-5-- -|----- |-----| A|---0-|-5---|-----|----- |-----| E|-4---|-- ---|-----|----- |-----|
    im getting confused on the drop d because some say the 12th fret you say the 7th and ive seen a couple of others or is 12th and 7th the same
    do you need a diffrent neck, i have a 21 fret guitar, do i have to modify the neck so i can tune it to drop c and d, without risk of hurting the guitar
    I am kind of confused, because you say drop D and show 7th fret E and 0 A, but then you go to 3rd fret E and 0 A. Please explain, because I want to learn epiphany and it is in drop D.
    thx alot it's usefull.iwas paying to get my guitar tuned but now i'll do it myself..again thanks alot
    umm sorry to sound like such a dork but i just got my guitar today and i dunno what half of that means so couls someone udmb this WAY down for me i know what it is supposed to sound like because i know how to play wake me up when september ends on my friends guitar and we have the exact same one but i can't tune mine to get it to sound the least bit decent
    how do I tune it so the B string is H ? I wish to play Lordi night of the loving dead and it is tuned: DADGHE
    I seriously needeed to know how to do drop c tuning. cheers. system kick ass.
    thanks... it took me forever to get this right but after looking at this article its much easier!!!1!
    I'm just starting and think that I will still buy a tuner and use that until it either gets thrown and broken or i get used to the sounds. but ill be back when that time comes. Maybe before as a refresher this seems like something to remember as soon as possible. Oh sorry Yankeedoodles...ASAP.I believe the phrase is lol.
    hiii just one question..i wanted to play "Dancer in the dark" by Rasmus, but it's tuning requires tuning the b string into an h...how can i do that?? (sorry 4 my english...i'm argentinian)
    great tips but how would you tune the high E string using the top method. Like say i want to tune down 1 1/2 steps, how would i tune the high E string?
    ihuy wrote: i still dont under stand
    srry my first didnt show up when i looked
    This is really good dude. It should help me 'till I get a tuner. Maybe I'll get used to it and not need a tuner. XD Awesome job.
    i tried this with a set of 10s on a lp standerd epiphone and my guitar will not stay in tune do i go up to 11s or something else thanks
    Ahhhhh! I can't figure out how to get my guitar in drop C. Will someone PLEASE help me? I am not a noob, but I've already broke three strings trying this.