12 Days Of Christmas With Slide Guitar

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12 Days Of Christmas With Slide Guitar

Intermediate and Advanced

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a silver slide for free. I thought it would be fun to play this song with a slide and it's a great way to practice playing with a slide. But alas, since this song has so many notes moving around it ended up sounding like a theremin. So the slide took up a supporting lead role and I put a more standard lead guitar in the forefront. For more on slide check out this video for a quick overview on how to play guitar with a slide:
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Beginner and Intermediate

This Rock Prodigy beginner level of "12 Days" has the full melody in open position. Then, on the 4th, 10th and 11th "days" it moves up to the 12th position. This is good for beginners to get used to because the notes from the 12th fret on are the same as in the open position. Have fun looping each day to get comfortable with it before moving forward. The 1st day is a four measure melody that you will play for all 12 days. Days 2-4 has the previous days melody with a measure added. On day five it introduces a new section to be sung from then on. Again, like for days 2-4 days 6-12 add a measure for each thing "my true love gave to me". Hope you like this rendition of the "12 Days of Christmas"! There are four ways to play this song notated in Rock Prodigy. The first is the full melody, then the chord changes with power chords, the third is with full chords and the last is the full lead as performed in this recording. Here's a video of the full melody in open and 12th position.
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