3 String Arpeggios with Mini Shreds Exercise with Chris Zoupa

Hey guys here's a little chop builder for you. In this lesson we'll be looking at an exercise focus on adding descending notes or a scale into 7th arpeggios.

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Hey guys I was messing around with some seventh arpeggios with a couple of descending notes.

The idea got pretty lengthy, silly and out of control, but it may be worth putting into your practice regime to get your head around sweeps into shred. It may even be worth improvising with or implementing into your own lead playing/song writing.

Let's take a look at the exercise.

The chord progression that the arpeggios are based on is:
Em7 A7 Bm7 Em7
A#dim7 Bm7 A7 Gmaj7
F#m7 Em7 Dmaj7 A7
As you can see this chord progression is riddled with 7ths, whether they be major, minor, dominant or diminished. The progression starts in "E" Dorian but ends/resolves in "D" Ionian (or "D" major). Keep in mind that both of these scales are made up of the same notes.
  • "E" Dorian: E F# G A B C# D E
  • "D" Ionian: D E F# G A B C# D
I mention this because I use the notes from both of these scales on the descending diatonic notes that follow the 7th arpeggios.

Hope you enjoy and dig the exercise guys. Happy shredding!

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By Chris Zoupa

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    Cant thank you enough. You do some of the best lessons on this site. Practical, theory applied. You're the best. Thanks again Chris!!
    Chris can you do some fusion jazz tips/lessons?
    Chris Zoupa
    You should ask Jens Larsen! I might start doing some more fusion shreds but I'm not as strong with that playing style as I'd like to be. What would you ideally like to see?
    With the movement of the whole piece resolving to the D could we say practically that it is in D? I'm not too clued up on movement in pieces but an excellent lesson! I learn a lot of stuff from you and much of your stuff has found its way into my practice file
    I'm really enjoying all these licks and lessons! They've helped with my creativity and they're just so fun!!