4 Finger Exercise/Warm-Up

Hey guys! I would like to share with you how I would warm-up while studying classical guitar for my undergrad. I still apply this to this day! Hope you enjoy!

Ultimate Guitar
Things to focus on:
  • Don't lift your left hand fingers to high
  • Keep your knuckles parallel to the fretboard
  • Play with the tips of your fingers
  • This exercise was not meant for speed; practice it slowly and with precision
  • Apply these patterns to all strings of the guitar

YouTube preview picture

And here's a link to download sheet music.

Scroll down a bit and find 4 Finger Independence Worksheets. There are two of them so click under Part 1 to download the first part and click under Part 2 to download the second part.

It should then open as a PDF file :)

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe for more lessons!


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    Great practice/warm up for developing finger to fret board coordination and speed. Yes it is hard but I know it is helping me. I especially try to be accurate over fast, then I think the speed will come.