7 / 8 String Slap Guitar Lesson

Hey guys! This lesson is for those of you who want to learn how slap technique. If you already know slap, this might help you a bit too! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey guys! This lesson is for those of you who want to learn how slap technique.

If you already know slap, this might help you a bit too. Hope you enjoy!

What will I need for this lesson?
  • You will need a 7 or 8 string guitar (preferably). You can slap with a 6 string but it doesn't sound as cool as an 8 :)
  • I am tuned to drop tuning so make note of that.
  • Make sure you have decent sounding pickups. Usually you won't get the clarity needed for slap with stock pickups.
Things to focus on:
  • Your right hand should look as if it is holding a camera.
  • Be sure to slap the string between the neck and bridge pickups.
  • Your left hand should be in 3rd position in order to mute the 7 strings and stop the 8th string with your ring and middle fingers.
  • Regarding triplets, you slap, stop with your left hand then "hit" the guitar with your right hand over the low strings.
  • Play with a metronome to keep track of progress.
  • Have fun when you get the hang of it!!!
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Hope you guys enjoyed this lesson! Be sure to give a good rating and comment below! I will respond! Thank you!

You can download a free PDF of the lesson here: 8 string, 7 string

About the Author:
By George Salas. For more free lessons, please visit gsguitarfun.weebly.com.

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    Cool stuff - this is the best lesson that I've ever seen on this technique! Just a side note - the third pattern uses a rhythmic subdivision called a hemiola (technically, you're going between 6/8 and 3/4 with the way that you're accenting the meter) so it's not really in 4/4. Also, the second example is in 12/8. Other than that, I like how clearly and well demonstrated this lesson goes into the technique!
    You're right but I needed to keep it simple and accessible to anyone at any level. Thank you for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun putting this one together!
    Guitarists... Always trying to make bassists feel useless. However, I feel it's the popping in between the slaps that really gets the groove going so you still have some work to do. Anyways, it's a good intro to slapping so kudos for that!
    haha! Yes, you're right about the popping. I am working on a lesson for that as well Thank you for the comment!
    Can you do lesson on how to play intro guitar slap in Summer Rain by SikTh?
    MAYBE... I usually don't cover any songs. I was inspired pretty much only by Tosin and I thought about doing a cover of Physical Education. But I will check out Summer Rain.