8 Finger Tapping - Strengthen Your Legato

My second 8 finger tapping lesson for guitarists that just started messing around with this technique! As the title indicates, see how to strengthen your legato!

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Hello guys, I'm Johnny Andrew and this is a lesson for 8-finger tapping! In this lesson, I'm showing you an exercise both for your left and your right hand, to strengthen your legato, hammer-ons and pull-offs!

Turn on the subs, if you don't get my accent and, if you want, share your opinion with me! :D

I hope this video was helpful!

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    I have somo much trouble with tapping, as soon as I get home I will try to put this in practice.
    Johnny Andrew
    It would be a pleasure to hear what helped or didn't help! Keep me informed, so I can improve the technique and my teachings! Cheers, bro!
    This is a Ritchie Kotzen lick originally I think, it's in most legato video lessons I notice. Would love if you could teach all hammer-on method and Holdsworth licks. You have awesome legato!
    Johnny Andrew
    Well, I can find this lick in almost every guitarist I listen to, so I can't tell who "invented" it... lol Thanks for your good words, more lessons and licks will come, for sure, as soon as I finish recording my album!
    Nice lesson. I like the tip about keeping the thumb to the back of the neck. I was not doing that and hence not getting my tapping clean. It's the little things that matter. Thanks for pointing that out!
    Johnny Andrew
    Thanks for checking, bro! The "thumb-tip" doesn't apply to normal 1-finger tapping, but I personally find it necessary for 8-finger... This position of the right hand, not only makes your playing stable but can also help with muting of the lower strings, when needed!
    thank you for showing me tapping im new with the guitar playing now only a month question can you do this tapping on an acoustic with no plug ins mike cheers
    Johnny Andrew
    Thanks for checking my lesson, Mike! Of course you can do this on an acoustic, but you really need to be careful... An acoustic has a more difficult neck than an electric, so you shouldn't put a lot of strain on it, at least in the beginning, to avoid injuries.