8 Finger Tapping - The Basics

Had a thought of doing an 8 finger tapping lesson for guitarists that just started messing around with this technique! These are very basic stuff, like placing your right hand on the neck and a basic exercise!

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Hello guys, I'm Johnny Andrew and this is a beginner's lesson for 8-finger tapping! Some basic stuff!

Turn on the subs, if you don't get my accent and, if you want, share your opinion with me! :D

I hope this video was helpful!

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You can also check this 8 finger tapping lick of mine, that I've posted some time ago! :)

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Cheers, guys! \m/

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    Timon 95
    Pretty cool stuff!I just have one question: where do you leave your pick when you switch from picking to 8 finger tapping and back? it's usefull to play with a thumbpick but not everyone uses that, right?
    Johnny Andrew
    I believe, Merge has given you the answer to what you're asking! Thanks for checking it, my friend!
    He's using the Pick Clip that Chris Broderick created. It's very nice to have, when attempting this technique. If you're not going to use this, or a thumb pick, the only place you can store your pick in between your teeth.