8 Finger Tapping - The Basics

Had a thought of doing an 8 finger tapping lesson for guitarists that just started messing around with this technique! These are very basic stuff, like placing your right hand on the neck and a basic exercise!

8 Finger Tapping - The Basics
Hello guys, I'm Johnny Andrew and this is a beginner's lesson for 8-finger tapping! Some basic stuff!

Turn on the subs, if you don't get my accent and, if you want, share your opinion with me! :D

I hope this video was helpful!

You can also check this 8 finger tapping lick of mine, that I've posted some time ago! :)

Cheers, guys! \m/

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    He's using the Pick Clip that Chris Broderick created. It's very nice to have, when attempting this technique. If you're not going to use this, or a thumb pick, the only place you can store your pick in between your teeth.
    Timon 95
    Pretty cool stuff!I just have one question: where do you leave your pick when you switch from picking to 8 finger tapping and back? it's usefull to play with a thumbpick but not everyone uses that, right?
    Johnny Andrew
    I believe, Merge has given you the answer to what you're asking! Thanks for checking it, my friend!