A Quick And Catchy Way To Up Your Fingering Accuracy

Taking a small excerpt from a classical composition and using it to increase your speed and accuracy.

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Well guys, this is my first article so I thought I might as well start off with something I'm comfortable with. As you've probably figured out, this lesson is to increase your finger accuracy.

This will be done by using an excerpt from "In the Hall of the Mountain King" composed by Edvard Grieg.

Tablature is in standard EADGBE tuning.



Now for many intermediate players who may think that's easy, there's a tiny catch.

After the second part, you up the tempo. Start as slow as humanly comfortable for you, and each after each full run hit it just a little bit faster until you're at your max speed. The more you work at it, the faster you'll be able to go. In the end it'll help both your accuracy and speed.

If there are any problems or improvements I could make to the article feel free to message me, and for any guitar pro's out there, don't hate, I'm just trying to help out.

If you think I made an adequate lesson, you might see another one.

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    Also, Taylorlover96, not a bad lesson, however, I personally would love to see a compilation of runs/exercises like this, rather than just those above. Not bad, I just think there's a great opportunity to expand!
    losing battle
    Want to get more accurate? Learn to play without looking, I am dead serious you will gain more muscle memory and is an extremly usefull skill in a live scenario because the lighting may not be on your side. Yes slowing what you are trying to learn does help but being able to play it by feel is very usefull too also if your learning sheet music it becomes easier because you don't have to ping pong back and forth between the music and your fingers. Some people think makes you a show off, but when your playing live in the dark and you have taken my advice you'll thank me.
    I looked at this article and wished I didn't have a dirty mind.... but in all seriousness this is a great lesson
    I'd add in playing Toccatta and Fugue, the little organ run about 1.20 in. Along the same lines as the one above, but also very useful.
    What a novel practice idea - find a piece you like and practice it slowly and then quicker.
    This is such a damned coincidence, my bandmate and I tabbed this a few weeks back after I was playing it on the keys. We've been using it for just this purpose! Are you my bandmate?
    Shor-T Zero
    I agree with Siege, but this is actually a pretty good lesson. Plus, it's a great piece of music too, so now I want to go listen to it (and the Apocalyptica version too. Them drums).
    Thats a good one but if you want to go the whole hog learn 'Flight of the Bumblebe' ....slowly. Also something else you guys should do that you maybe dont think about is stand up when your practising. Playing solos sitting down is a whole lot easier than when you do them in a gig.
    Wow I've been doing this for the longest time as a warmup lol I agree, it's very good practice
    Very nice, very nice, very nice... I like when lessons pick excerpts from classical tunes! And, this one sounds pretty badass.
    That's the piece I learned to play by ear. Only I start playing it on 5th string, sounds better to me.
    It's a good start, but a little simple. Maybe expand on it some more. The 21 day technique is definitely something everyone should take a look at to help improve they're playing.