Adding Realism To Free Amp Simulators

author: KevinGoetz date: 12/27/2013 category: guitar techniques

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Adding Realism To Free Amp Simulators
More and more musicians I've chatted with lately have been expressing interest in recording. The consensus seems to be a desire for a cheap, DIY solution that sounds totally professional. While that statement is on the surface impossible to achieve, we can get something in that general range quite simply. If anyone reading has studied the electrical engineering aspects of amplifier construction, then you're probably aware that there are certain aspects of an amp that are often overlooked by lower-level simulators. These oversights result in the trademark "digital coldness," and that icepick fizz that is so commonly heard in amateur sim tones. If you find yourself wishing for something better, without having to sink two grand into an Axe-Fx, look no further than the following two videos. In the first, we'll discuss how to build the tone itself, using entirely free software. In the second video, we'll talk about where you might want to look when beginning to EQ the tone in a mix. DISCLAIMER: Guitar tones are extremely subjective. The point of these lessons are not to tell you what tone specifically you should be using. Rather, you should take away from this the ability to take whatever tone you already have, and add some life to it. With that said, enjoy!
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