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Some ideas to help you with bending notes.

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E|--------- Practicing bending notes -----------
In this article I'll present you some ways to practice bending notes. It's one of the most expressible sound that you can get out of your guitar, but when you can't bend precisely to the note you wish to... Ouch! That hurts ears. It's like someone singing off-the key. So bending requires lot of aural self-awareness. Stay focused and have a read. Then, go to practice! Wish you best. 01. Bending To A Desired Pitch. When you bend, you have to hit the exact pitch. The easiest way to try it before you bend is to play it and then bend the string on the lower frets. For example: play an B note on the 12th fret of the B string. This is your target note. Then play the 10th fret( A note ) and bend it to the B note. If you're not sure if you can hit the target use electronic tuner to check your aim. 02. Varying Bending Interval. Don't bend only by two semitones. Do smaller bends just as one semitone, or wider bends one and a half semitone or more if you can! Bend also by 1/4 of a tone and 3/4 . That's fun to do. And it's a great ear practice. 03. Use Unison Bends. Play a F note on the 6th fret of a B string, then play a D# note on the 8th fret of the G string. Holding the F note, bend the D# with the other finger to the F. You will hear when the frequencies will meet. This is very good to develop feeling of how-to-far bend the string for a full tone bend. 04. Bend =/= Bend. There are no two same bends. Make your bending a representation of your style. Practice it so long, that you really feel confident with it and can really perform it as you wish to. Steve Vai proposes a nice (and weird) method of practicing bends. It goes like this: Sit with a guitar, pick one note. Then bend it. In a very various ways for an hour, three or five. Only this note. That can look queer, but trust me it's a great way to find your inner voice of bending. 05. Add Spiciness. When you can perform a bend, why not vibrate the bent note? And maybe bend the string and after bending - play it? Try bending full step, then after a moment bend it half step more? There are numerous combinations of things that you can do with bended notes. Use the ones I write about and discover your own. That's all for today's lesson. I wish you best with your bending and, as always visit and like my Facebook! Also, if you want to read more about bending notes, take a look here. Thank you for your attention! Daniel Kaczmarczyk,

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