C# Pentatonic Triplet Tap Riff

Hey guys. Here's a cool way to zazz up your pentatonics with some tapping! Check this out!

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I put this lesson/article together because I thought this theme and idea was pretty cool. I've always been experimenting with the Greg Howe "Hammer Ons From Nowhere" technique. If you're unfamiliar with this term, it's the idea is that you can hammer on to a string that you haven't picked yet. Let's take a look at a simple pentatonic in "C#" minor with your classic rock triplet feel.
You'll notice that the very first triplet in this run does a pull off from 12th fret to 9th on the first string then hammers onto 12 of the second string. In the first bar of this example there should really only be 3 picked notes (the 1st, 4th and 10th) and the rest legato and the hammer ons from nowhere. For convenience purposes let's call them H.O.F.N. from now on! Now that we've got our heads around a simple triplet pentatonic and the HOFN idea, we can ZAZ it up with some taps to make the phrasing and vibe more excited and less predictable. Let's take a look at the pentatonic in "C#" with HOFN and taps with a triplet feel.
As you can see from the diagram above, we've now got taps involved in our "C#" minor pentatonic lick. I see this lick and break it down into 5 groups of 6 (or 2 triplets) and 1 group of 3 (1 triplet) at the end. The first 5 groups start with this simple pattern: Tap then a Pulloff, Pulloff, Hammer, Pulloff then HOFN to the next string. The last/6th group is just a Tap then Pulloff, Pulloff. This kind of lick can get super fast once you get used to it. It's faster to do these tap shortcuts than trying to shred every note or having to do a really strenuous legato run. Have fun fun with it guys. Try use it in jams or writing a solo!
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By Chris Zoupa

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    Sounds similar to the intro run in Thin Lizzy's Chinatown.
    The idea is nice Sort out the tabs man, the legato markings are really off.
    Don't think so. Legato which seems "off" should represent "hammer from nowhere" I suppose. There is no better way to tab it in G-pro.
    Chris Zoupa
    I know exactly what Daniel's saying. It looks really weird. But yeah Dogface it's pretty hard to tab without an explanation. BTW that Daniel KPL has some sweet articles guys!!! Really thorough and pro!
    I like the idea, sounds like a piece of Chinese music I heard once.
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