Children of Bodom/Wintersun Style Sweeps

3 string sweep picked arpeggios in the style of Children of Bodom and Wintersun.

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Hi everyone! My name is Lorcan Ward and this is my first of hopefully many guitar lessons that I will be sharing with you. For each lesson I will upload an accompanying video playing the exercise at various speeds.

In this guitar lesson we will be looking at a sweep arpeggio lick in the style of Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) and Jari Maenpaa(Wintersun). Both these guitar players have a neo-classical touch to there playing which is very common in Finnish metal. Without going into much detail this involves the use of minor, major & diminished arpeggios with a harmonic minor scale at the end.

My guitar is in D standard tuning (Full step tone) but you can play this exercise in any tuning.

YouTube preview picture

Full exercise:

Each arpeggio in groups of two so you can see how the exercise is broken down and memorise each shape. I've also added in the fingering I use:

Then finally the harmonic minor run:

If you are in standard tuning but want to play the lick in D then move everything down 2 frets (full step down). This makes it more 
comfortable to play if you find the high frets to cramped. Here is the full exercise but in standard tuning:

You can download the backing tracks and tabs by clicking here.

I have included guitar pro tabs in D, Eb and E tuning with a backing track for each in 4 separate speeds (100%, 85%, 75%, 50%).


  • Use my fingering as a guideline but make sure to play whatever way feels comfortable to you. You can use your third finger instead of your pinky for some of the pull offs if it feels more comfortable. Alexi Laiho would play the arpeggios this way.
  • Try not to slide into or out of any of the arpeggios. Play them like a piano player would by lifting your fretting hand and jumping to the next position.
  • Take it slow memorising each arpeggio shape and increasing speed gradually.
  • I use the neck pickup to play this exercise but you can play it on the bridge pickup if you want. 
  • Play along to each of the backing tracks to get the lick up to speed
I hope you enjoyed this lesson. I will be uploading loads more this year and look forward to sharing them with all with you. 

About the Author:
By Lorcan Ward. Any questions or suggestions for lessons just comment below or catch me on Facebook.

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