Cool Licks: Country Bends

Looking for a cool lick that will help you sound like a pedal-steel guitar? Check out this lesson (complete with video) that will help you do some cool country bends.

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One of my favourite things to do when I have my Tele on the bridge pickup is to play double-stops while bending one of the strings. This is done a lot in country music to emulate a pedal-steel guitar sound, but you can find this concept applied in nearly every genre. These bends also sound great with heavy distortion in a rock situation! This lick was made with the theme of 'country bends' in mind, and should help give you some cool ideas to use in your own playing. This is just scratching the surface with this style of bends, but hopefully this gives you enough to play around with for the time being! Also watch out for the cool behind-the-nut bend at the start of the 3rd measure. (Check out the video below, and follow along with the tablature directly underneath for a deeper understanding.)
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    I would really appreciate it if someone would make a full, comprehensive lesson about these music styles instead of posting a lesson with a single vid explaining a lick and lacking any other information. I'd like to learn some theory about country and reggae, but all I get is lessons explaining a single riff or a lick, and they really do not help at all. This looks more like an ad than a lesson to me :/
    ...that's because it is an ad.
    I just wish they'd do actual lessons. I want to learn country guitar
    You just gotta check out the Pro Guitar Studio website and sign up man. That's how all the great country players learned. In all serious tho you just gotta find some country and reggae songs/artist you like and learn them via tab or video. Just emulate what you hear and learned without copying. That how I learned reggae, not much into country.
    But I want to learn the theoretic part of the music style, I want to know why I'm using the chords I'm using. Of course I can come up with a reggae-ish chords and licks, but i want to learn what I'm actually doing.
    Here's theory for country. Use mainly the major scale, stay away from sad sounding notes like the minor scale. Only hit a couple (like bend into a flat 5) to make a phrase sound a little darker. Generally though, you want to use all major or barre chords, and stick with 1-4-5 and 1-3-5 for chords. Every now and then I would hit the 7th before 1 too, makes it sound complete.
    Really enjoyed this... I don't listen to or play any country, but this is a simple concept that I could apply to some of my lead playing for more variety.