Creating An Effortless Guitar Technique Routine

Creating a very straight-forward, easy to follow daily guitar technique routine doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, if you approach working on guitar technique as a daily routine that you plan on doing for several years, you can easily integrate a solid workout into your daily practice schedule!

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This week on the Guitar Blog I breakdown what would be the primary exercises that a practicing guitarist should examine in order to build their playing chops. These would include, (but not be limited to), Stretching, Left and Right Hand Co-ordination, Picking Drills, String Skipping, and Finger Independence. This is only intended to be a primer, so be sure to take the time necessary to create your own routine. Watch the YouTube Lesson to Learn the Exercises (on screen TAB)...
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After you establish your daily routine, expand upon it every 3-4 weeks and then you can expect (over a few years) to eventually wind-up with phenomenal skills to get you playing through almost any song, or solo that you come across. In the video lesson I zoom in on the neck and have a go through a number of good exercises that you can even start working with right away. Guitar players who eventually end up getting fairly serious with their technical ability will generally set-aside at least 15-20 min. Of time each practice day to work on the important areas of Guitar Technique. These areas can include, but are not limited to; Stretching, Left & Right Hand Co-ordination, Picking Drills, String Skipping, and Finger Independence. These are the main areas that are at the core of good guitar technique. And, once players really begin getting a solid skill-set with them, they'll find that learning new material gets easier, (and of course faster). The ability a player has when it comes to technique is very important if a guitarist would eventually like to work in a bar-band, or in a touring band. Bands that stay active in any sort of circuit wind up having to learn a lot of material, so the better your technique, the faster and easier it is to learn new songs for the act! Thanks for tuning in, until next time, take care and be sure to visit my website for many, many more free guitar lessons.

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    Awesome mate! Just what I was looking for. Do you have any legato drills to chuck in there?
    very good way to exercise with a routine and work on technique..also the importance of a regular routine..the finger board exercises work.I give it a 95% rating..thx for the help.