Creating Picking Exercises

author: Creative Guitar date: 07/25/2013 category: guitar techniques

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Creating Picking Exercises
Picking technique is extremely important so it is crucial that you take a solid interest in developing it to higher levels. In doing this, it is good to realize that there are a number of factors that need to be addressed (daily) for a long period, (perhaps up to a full-year or more), until you burn in the kinds of results that you'll need to solve most, (if not all), of your picking dilemmas. The best thing in the world that any student can do is to design their own picking exercises that will cover the main areas that they want to get really good at. These areas should include: - basic alternate picking - at least some economy picking - all down and all up studies - at least some sweep picking The other side to all of this is to include all of the important picking duration's like; the Straight "Eighth-note & Sixteenth-notes," as well as, the Triplet feels done as both, "Eighth-note & Sixteenth-note," style. At the other end of your picking development is the constant use a metronome. Use the metronome on both a collection of very short studies, (as short as one bar in length), and upon longer studies as well. In the video for this lesson I zoom in on the neck, and demonstrate a collection of original picking exercises that you can use as a starting point for the creation of your own exercises! Be sure to download the FREE handout and MP3 Jam-Track for at home study of each lesson example. Watch the video lesson below:
Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples from the video in TAB, as well as, the free MP3 Jam-Track for this guitar lesson.
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