Cross-Handed Tapping

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This is a different way off tapping. Cross-Handed Tapping is very flashy and looks cool. This is really only for playing live, since it is such an impractical way of tapping. You start by hammering a note with your left hand, and then tap another note with your right hand. Then bring your left hand under your right and tap another note. Then you bring your right hand over and tap, ect. Yeah that didn't make a whole lot of sense, so let's demonstrate. Legend: h= Hammer p= Pull Off t= tap Here we will do a simple one string tapping line in the key of G Major: e|--h3-t7-h10-t15-p10-t7-p3--| B|---------------------------| G|---------------------------| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| To make this confusing jumble of a mess easier to understand, I'll explain this step by step: 1. Hammer on at the 3rd fret with your left hand. 2. ap the 7th fret with your right hand. 3. Bring your left hand under your right hand and hammer on the 10th fret. 4. Bring your right hand over your left hand and tap the 15th fret. 5. Pull off the 15th fret, making sure your left hand is still holding down the 10th fret. 6. Bring your right hand over your left and tap the 7th fret and pull off the 10th fret. 7. Bring you left hand under your right and hammer on the 3rd fret, pull off the 7th fret. 8. Take it slow and easy, this is a pretty demanding technique. Experiment with other notes and such, also you can combine this with other techniques. For example lets take an E minor Arpeggio Sweep, then cross tap and then bring it down for an Em Triad sweep: e|-----------------7-h12-t15-h19-t24-p19-p15---------------| B|--------------8------------------------------17----------| G|-----------9------------------------------------16-------| D|--------9------------------------------------------17----| A|-7h10-------------------------------------------------19-| E|---------------------------------------------------------| The cross tap starts when you tap the 19th fret (bringing left under right) and ends when you tap the 24th fret (bringing right over left). If you dont have a 24 fret guitar you can always bring it down a few frets to compensate.

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