Developing Legato - Part 4

Hello guys! This is the final video in the "Developing Legato" series! I hope this has been useful and by completing these exercises, you should have built up great technique to implement these patterns in a musical way.

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Hello! In this lesson of Developing Legato, I will play through exercises that involve hammer-ons and pull-offs used together.

While these exercises are not musical, they are focused to help you build strength so that when you use these shapes in a musical context, it will be much easier for you to do them!

Good luck and please rate and comment below. I'm happy to help out anyway I can!

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You can download a free PDF of the lesson here.

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    This is so wrong I feel bad for you. One can't simply do a 6-8-5 legato in one single stroke You either do ^6-8-^5 or it simply wont work
    ^6 8h 5p Pick the 6, hammer the 8 an pull-off to the 5. It's do-able alright! No need to feel sorry for me
    Like you couldn't do any legato run in the world without using your picking hand at all. You could even pluck an open string with your fretting hand. Such an invalid comment.
    "One can't simply do a 6-8-5 legato in one single stroke" Should be turned into a meme with Boromir from Lord of the Rings lol