Diatonic Exercise No. 2 With George Salas

Hey guys, here is a great lick to help build speed, improve your shifting and understanding the notes on a single string.

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Hey guys, here's a short lesson on single string pedal point shapes. It is all in C major but as usual, I urge you to apply this to every key and string.

A pedal point is a note that is either sustained (usually heard in organ pieces and usually a very low note) or a note that is constantly repeated. Composers like Bach, Scarlatti and Handel used this technique. It sounds really cool on a harpsichord!

This exercise helped me develop speed and strength in my pinky.

  • Try using 3 notes per string scales and applying these patterns.
  • If your hand hurts, stop!
  • It may be difficult at first because of all the involvement of the pinky.
  • Try skipping some patterns.
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You can download a free PDF of the lesson here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short lesson! If you have any questions, please comment below and I'll answer them as soon as I can. Thanks!

About the Author:

By George Salas. For more free lessons, please visit gsguitarfun.weebly.com.

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    thanks, always fun to have some easy licks like this you can apply to pretty much any scale. Your tone is horrible though :p
    Thanks man! Dude, I agree! (No sarcasm) I'm using an old school Line 6 XT Pro (Rack Version) and for some reason, it just does not deliver when recorded. I was thinking that just yesterday too! It honestly sounds great live (the chugs are TIGHT) but for some reason, when I go through usb, it lacks :/
    Maybe you should try using Two Notes Wall of Sound III and using just the preamp emulation of your XT?
    I am actually not familiar with Two Notes... I believe it is software, right? I'm going to be purchasing a Laney IRT Studio very soon... I'm sure that will help out a lot. I've heard many recordings of it and it KICKS ASS!!!