Dimebag Darrel Guitar Methods

Dime is so great and you can learn some tricks he used in writing and soloing. How to solo and write like Dime?

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Dime is so great and you can learn some tricks he used in writing and soloing. In this you will learn: Solo tricks, Blues tricks, Heavy riffs. 1. Heavy riffing. To be able to emulate Dime and even sound like him first you must already have a great knowledge of your guitar. You have gotta be able to get your fingers flying on these riffs. Most people know the blues scale but if you don't here it is, Dime almost always used this or a modifed version of this:
Now why would we need to know the blues scale for riffing! Because Dime used the blues scale in riffs too.
Cowboys From Hell:
You also gotta be able to hit harmonics on command, for those of you who don't know how to hit pinch harmonics, have your thumb sticking out a tiny bit over the side of the pick so that it hits the string a milli second after the pick.
Revolution Is My Name:
And of course the beginners technique palm muting.
Mouth For War
2. Solo Tricks A common trick not jsut used by dime but by Zakk Wylde and Eddie Van Halen is using one lick and just moving it up the fretboard.
Cowboys From Hell Ascending Lick:

Also you cotta use lots of pinch harmonics as well as natural harmonics for solo's. If you have got a floating bridge you can use this trick. To make the huge squeals that dime does at the end of cemetary gates. You dip the bar as low as it goes then take your thumb and mute the EAD strings and with your pinky mute the BE strings while the bar is dipped hit a natural harmonic by picking the string with your ring finger and barely touching the string with your middle finger and then bring the bar up to the note you want to hit. Another great part of Dime's playing was his bends, if you wanna play like Dime you gotta bend those little strings till they scream.
5 Minutes Alone Solo:
 2.0 slowly release. 5
Well you should be well on your way to makin your guitar scream and remember you gotta play all of these riffs with tons of distortion.

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    dwnbowden you make a very good point, but as artists we're bound to be influenced by great guitarists like Dimebag. Incorporating the styles of other guitarists into your own makes you a more rounded player, and helps you develop your own sound. My use of the tritone has developed a lot thanks to Dimebag, but I wouldn't make an entire song in his style. You just gotta be careful of the boundary between inspiration and plagarism. RIP Dimebag, keep rockin' in the next world man
    Cool lesson! Dimebag would want his style to live on! He is at the top of my list of faves. The more styles you know, the better guitarist you are. There is a difference between copying, & incorporating & expanding a stlye. Dimebag will forever live on!! R.I.P. Dimebag!
    insanity101 wrote: Personally, i liked it. but certain methods shoudnt be messed with after he was shot
    So nobody should have used hendrix, vaughan and rhoads techniques after they died ? ridiculous
    Right, im determined, cowboys is E G E G A G A G Bb G A G Bb B D on the strings E E E E A E A E A E A E A A D hope this is useful!!! Dime is god
    Dime is god! I Know quite a few of his techniques actually i'm using them in our bands material.
    Cam Dude
    This article was good and ill put some of these techniques to practice.
    I believe this artical is a bit mediocre. It wasn't specific enough on any part of his style. Basically the best way to learn an artists style is to watch a few live vids, play their music by ear, and study the coolest parts with someone elses tab. When trying to become inspired by someone, after you have the basic jist of their technique, play a song on the CD player and try to follow along by ear. You won't play it exactly right but throwing in a few licks here and there and changing parts and vibrato this bend that, next thing you know you have a new song that people can relate to the original band.
    okay dimebag was good, definitely not the shit, but good nonetheless. In my opinion, he isnt as good as everyone thinks or says he is. His style was just very unique, like he did weird things that you probably wouldnt do naturally in your writings. his riffs were cool and original for what they were but he was just a typical shredder, the faster the heavier the better. D$
    Dimebag method is one sure way to keep the mans legendary style and namesake alive for future generations to learn and enjoy. RIP Dimebag " Get cha Pull"
    the high pitch squealing is wrong, you can search for a clip on youtube and Dimebag himself explain it to you. apparently he recorded that when he was touring with damage plan in japan.
    Everybody is Influenced by somebody's style otherwise you wouldn't be listening to them. That means that a style is going to influence your technique. The key is finding a technique that fits your style that has been influenced by your heros ( Dimebag,Zakk,EVH,SRV...)and making something that is uniquely your own.
    dwnbowden wrote: you shouldnt copy one guitarists style
    This is for you to be influenced by dime you ****! Not to copy him
    By the way, thanks to lbzman, Metallideth90, CFH^Pantera, metalmse, geetarist, and Greenback. All of you are right about your comments and apparently know how music should be enjoyed and played.
    Insanity101- I disagree with you. If we forget the methods that Dime used and never used any of them ourselves, his music and his death would have been in vain. Those are his signature methods, but they are meant to be learned, played, and remembered by all so that he may never be forgotten.
    I don't understand all of you people who keep saying that guitarists shouldn't mess with other guitarists techniques or play their styles. Of course you should learn techniques by other guitarists and their styles, as well. The key thing to do, though, is to incorporate those into a completely new style and build off of that to round out your skills. If we stopped trying to play Randy Rhoads style or Dimebag's style or either of their techniques, then music would lose its interest and appeal. Remember the first time you heard Crazy Train by Randy or Cemetary Gates by Dime or Eruption by Eddie? Those songs blew your mind. I, for one, would be angry if I never heard anyone playing these awesome songs or forgetting these amazing guitarists. It's not wrong to learn styles and use techniques to make new ones. It is wrong to completely plagiarize someone else by doing songs completely or exclusively in their style, though. That's where the line is drawn.
    Dimebag IS NOT GOD! Dime couldn't create the universe, stars, planets, life, etc... He only created sweet metal riffs/solos/and songs, things that will go down in history and should be honored by all who pick up the instrument. He was a very well rounded, clean sounding musician. Very clean and very precise! But even he put on his boots one at a time and tuned his guitar and had to practice daily just like the rest of us. There will only EVER be one Dimebag Darral! Those who love him and appriciate what he has done for metal music should remember him for who he was... a great musician...not GOD. I don't think, especially now after his death, he would want anyone calling him God! P.S. Someday (Like Dimebag) you will meet God too. Weather you like it or not. So be carful just who you call GOD! Even if it is just a joke or not a serious conversation. You still have to account for it. Remeber Death comes to us ALL! R.I.P Dimebag!
    That cowyboys from hell riff actually goes like this: Cowboys From Hell: |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----0-----| |-----0--0--1--- 0-----0h1 h2-----| |0-3-0-3----3--3--3---3-- ---|
    oh yeah and i havent been playing for about a yeah but not to seem like im good which im not at all but the squealling is easy especially with a floating bridge
    [quote]geetarist wrote: Personally, i liked it. but certain methods shoudnt be messed with after he was shot actually i think Dime would want us to use his style of playing to let him live on... if no one used a certain type of style after a artist died, music would be very blah and boring now... Ever since Dimebag passed away, music IS blah and boring... R.I.P. BROTHER DIME FOREVER STRONGER THAN ALL S.D.M.F.
    i think every great guitarist learned somewhere along the way from another great guitarist, r.i.p dimebag
    geetarist wrote: actually i think Dime would want us to use his style of playing to let him live on... if no one used a certain type of style after a artist died, music would be very blah and boring now...
    i agree, but i think dime would want us to learn from his style and use parts of it, if everyone just picked one style, everyone would still sound like pantera, pink floyd etc.
    and about the cowboys form hell ascending lick is playing by picking the first three notes and hammering on the others ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----11-12-15-11h- 12h-15----- you play that on all strings
    cowboys from hell = ----- ----- -----2-----2----- --2-----2-----2-----2-- ---0-- --2-----2-----0-----0-----1-----1---0h1h2---- --0-- 3--0--3-----3-----3-----3-----3----- good lesson, go into more detal next time
    i couldnt see the cowboys riff in the comments properly, but it goes like this... |----- |----- |----- |-----0- |-----0---0---1-- -0----1h2--- |-0-3-0-3---3---3---3---3----- hope this is useful. R.I.P. Dimebag!!!
    well about the squilling thing: ->make sure to have a tremolo locking floyd rose cuz only then u can get the squil u want...part from that i have a video of dimes squilling lesson on my hi5 profile... http://tidalorestis.hi5.com go check it out...that's the best lesson u can find about squilling cuz dimebag himself explains it to u live...see ya all out there...oh and by the way...another thing dime is using are minorchitas(i think thats how they are called)...check them out...u can play solos on them over the whole FBD and TGST albums...
    dime wasnt a no body he weas a legeng all around the world befor he was wasted by a scum damageplan was as good or better than pantera rip the man from texas
    Dimebag Dani wrote: cool lesson. some good points that you made there. RIP dimebag
    mohawkkidJohn wrote: I got 1 more thing to sayime is my favorite guitarist so im not insukting him just to let you know.Dimebag was a relatively unknown guitarist compared to others.He only got So well known when he was murdered.and I think that the way Nathan Gale died was fitting...he got shot in the head with a shotgun by a guy named "James Niggermyer" (spelling).HAHAHA!
    Bloodletting77 wrote: not a half bad lesson, and its good to see someone who respects dime enough to want to pick up a guitar and be influenced by his style. r.i.p dimebag
    Bloodletting77 i agree with you look im a beginner so you can say the whole reason i started to play was because of dime i look up to the man he i sa hell of a guitarist i just wish i could play like him already but practice makes perfect and yeah the cfh tabs are off lol
    Dime is wanna of the best guitarists there has been. The only thing is that ppl always think metal guitarists are the best when most of them just use power chords and simple solos. I'm not saying metal sucks cuz I love metal but its always good to incorporate other types of music. Oh and to ppl that think punk rock sucks most metal comes from punk rock so think about that before u have screen names like that cuz without punk metal probably wouldn't be. R.I.P Dimebag...keep on rocking up there.
    I can do pinch notes like zakk wylde, but DAMN, those squeals with the FRTrem are hard to learn.
    insanity101 wrote: Personally, i liked it. but certain methods shoudnt be messed with after he was shot
    I disagree. Music would be very dull if nobody used deal musiciab's techniques.
    eyehatepop89 wrote:wel squealing isn't that difficult to do the first thing you need to do if you wanna squal like Dime is 1.flick the G string (open string) with your middle finger 2.while string is in motion,pull whammy bar down 3.then when the string is about to go back to normal tap the 2nd,3rd,or 4th fret (which is usually the best way to get squeals)in mid air 5. and right when you've tapped it just pull the whammy bar up slowly .and you've got a squeal. I'm not too clear on the whole high squealling thing. Could you maybe explain it better?
    craven -morehea
    Thas a good start But the most important thing is to just keep working on your chops and play with feel. Dime lives on